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It made me wet

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. :(
    Went out and got new front tyre fitted. On the way home, started pouring with rain.
    Every traffic light was red for me, except the ones on royal parade. On seperation street, the train crossing warning thigamies had stopped working and I had to wait for awhile there to get across. grr.
    I was wet up untill one block from my place, when I hit a gigantuan puddle and was denched :(
    rain in fairfield since 9am... 33.2mm
    local forcast

    Least my hair stayed dry.

    I took it really really easy (new front tyre in the wet!!) So easy in fact that I got a few tailgaters. bitches. I mean, ive still got the Lplate on the back... youd think theyd give me some le-way.

    didnt drop it, didnt even come close, but drenched :(

    Milos had fun helping me strip off before I came inside ;)
  2. New tyre in this weather. :shock: You must have a death wish. :LOL:
  3. well it was nice and sunny when I booked it in... and fine when i left the city... its just that deadly 10 k in between :shock:
  4. So does someone else!!! :LOL:

    Milos had fun helping me strip off before I came inside
  5. Gosh Eswen that was character building - a new front tyre on a day like this - gold star and elephant stamp for surviving it.
  6. what about the people from the other units? did they have fun too?
  7. they were busy hiding inside cos it was rianing :)

    it was a bit of a challenge getting home, but the new tyre feels soooooo gooooooddd!!! I knew the old one was bad but didnt realise how bad.
  8. :( I thought this was a thread with tips for us guys :( Not that i need any

    Just keep rugged up and make sure you get lots of vodka into you so you don't catch a cold :LOL:
  9. yea it has been rainng rather hard! im guessing there will be a bit of flash flooding about
  10. theres quite a bit of flooding. by the time i was almost home, the roads were like rivers :shock:
  11. Rain riding is wicked fun, I rode my bike home from the dealer in the rain, and my first set of replacement tyres were fitted and ;scrubbed' in with wet weather :)

    Good on you es, some people dont even let rain touch their bikes
  12. umm es.. please change the title to the thread.. gave me a bit of a heart murmer when i read it hahaha..

    good on ya for giving that a go.. im pretty keen, but i dont think im that keen.. good stuff.
  13. And was a hose involved?
  14. ES... you know, when i met you on thurs night, i thought here's this cute little innocent self pronounced geek...

    Holy mother of sh!t was i wrong!!!!!!
    You are such a naughty little girl aren't you!!!!

    HAhahahahahaha you crack me up! I love it!

    Power to ya sista!!! lol

    See ya next catch up...

    P.S is your partner Yugoslav?

    -Jamie :)
  15. DAM............these anti -stalking laws spoil everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. hahaha!!

    This thread wasn't what i was expecting!! :wink:
  17. So was it the rain, the joy of the new tyre or Milos undressing you that caused this??