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It looks like Senator Dipsh!t is at it again…

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FALCON-LORD, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Now this may not be as stupid as the article makes out because the mention of street view is only in the headline not in anything he actually sais, but senator Conman really has no understanding whatsoever about how internet security works.
    You also have to love this quote
    If they destroy the information it no longer represents a risk to privacy Moron... that would be there moral and legal responsibility.
    Seriously this man has not got the skills to be in charge of anything even remotely technology related.

  2. He's unique… in that his head is so far up his own ass he's the only person who can lick his own vocal cords.
  3. Seems he doesn't want Google to have what he wants....... what a creep.
  4. Definitely sounds like he doesn't want google to destroy the info because he'd very much like to get his hands on it.

    This guy is 10 billion types of creepy, I bet he lurks on facebook all the time.
  5. The internet is like a hoover....
  6. Google is in the shit in other countries for the same thing, so Conroy is jumping on the bandwagon with his claims of “the single greatest breach in the history of privacy” and "creepy" is attempted PAYBACK for Google being so outspoken against his internet filter dictatorship. The United States of America were also just as outspoken against him, but he doesn't have the balls to try and attack their credibility with a similiar slander campaign. He is either conniving or clueless when he claimed banking details coud have been picked up, every single bank site runs it's own encryption methods, so even if you don't care enough about security to have password-enabled home wifi, no one could get into your account without first hacking the bank's 23,542,055 bit security encrption.

    Google have already stated they are sending the collected information to a secure file storage company in Europe until it's to be destroyed. The information they gathered were freely available to anyone, to build on someone else's analogy, it's akin to having a tap outside your premises, constantly turned on and dripping water, and screaming "water theft" if a passer-by were to stop and fill up a cup
  7. This is such a beat up it's almost not worth worrying about that is until you realise he is in our gubberment!
  8. Seems to be a basic qualification for Australian Comms Ministers. Remember Alston?

    The sooner Banner Conroy falls under a bus the better. And that's me as a (broadly) ALP supporter as says it too.
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    We were playing Buzz word bingo weren’t we?
  11. I used to love that game.

    Did it in a meeting with the CEO and Director of Publishing Operations once...everybody had to touch their nose with their left hand when the word "stakeholder" was used, and lick their lips when someone said "going forward" :D
  12. Judging by some of Conroy's decisions and quotes he probably still thinks a 56K modem is the latest technology and mobile phones can only be used to make calls
  13. Wow. He is such a :jerk: That is seriously scary. I know he is an idiot and a technologically challenged, but that really shows him to be a fool as well. It sounds like he doesn't even use email! I wonder if someone prints out all his email for him to read, and then he dictates the responses?

    No wonder the ALP leadership don't let him appear on videos without lots of preparation and a minder. This one must have slipped through.
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  15. Well my fellow Victorians, he is a Victorian Senator and is up for re-election by 30 June 2011 at the maximum. The Senate is the one house where you can make your individual vote matter. Vote below the line on a Senate ticket and get rid of this nutter. Oh and while you are there get rid of that religious prude Sen Fielding as well. They both shame this state.

    Do the country a service, its your patriotic duty. :)
  16. lol @
    must be those funky new vacuum pcs ive heard of, clean the house while you read news online!
  17. Please tell me that quote is real.
  18. Great, let's shelve this, *hope* to stay in and then spring it on the public when we can't get voted out for a few years.


    Toxic net filters 'shelved until after election'

    The internet censorship policy has joined the government's list of "politically toxic subjects" and will almost certainly be shelved until after the federal election, Greens communications spokesman Scott Ludlam says.

    The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd - already facing a voter backlash over several perceived policy failures - is expected to call the election before the end of the year and the feeling of many in Canberra is that next week will be the last sitting week of parliament.
  19. Im clinging to the naive hope that the general public wont be so fickle, and forget that labour will want to revisit this filter as soon as they can.

    And if or when they implement a national filter.....do you think any subsequent government would want to give up such power?