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It it's too good to be true...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. I was looking around on bikesales the other night(as you do) and saw a VTR 1000 SP2 for a dirt cheap price...thought what the hell if it's legit I might go and have a look...here is the link


    So I sent off an email enquiry to the seller...here is a bit of a log of our conversation

    As you can see you need to be pretty carefull out there...hard to believe but some people really do get burnt by these dickheads...just a bit of a heads up people...oh and if anybody wants to sell me an SP2 for a similar amount of money...send me a pm :grin:

  2. Nicely Done, Keith, 100 points for sucking the turkey in and 1000 points for skewering him when he was trapped. :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

    Perhaps this little correspondence trail should be made a sticky for future reference???

    {Oh, and thank you both so much for your kind hospitality on the wedding weekend :)}
  3. Here are some of the warning signs from that first email oyu received:

    The price is Au $8800 , including all shipping taxes and insurance

    From the second email received:

    via Western Union Wire Transfer

    Does anybody actually ever use Western Union Money transfer??? I wouldn't even know where to organise them.

    The people who get scammed like this really do lack street smarts and nearly deserve to be fleeced.

    There are just so many things wrong with what he said. Glad you have pointed him out for what he is.
  4. Yeah! Nice one Keith... :grin:

    I was extremely confused when I saw Swan Hill, and then incl Ship and Taxes... :? :? Why the hell would you need shipping???

    Half the money :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. pretty funny hey :grin:

    I thought $8800 for an SP2 was waaaaaaay to good to be true...oh well. The scary thing is i'm sure loads of people fall for this otherwise they wouldn't bother doing it...I considered stringing him along for a bit longer ala scam baiter but couldn't be bothered in the end.

  6. Good Lesson Keith
  7. Of course continued futile enquiries from netrider members will waste the scammers time and frustrate them. :p
  8. He was also stupid enough to show the NSW license plate, CGM-00. I wonder if the Police would like to tell the owner about this? Is there a NSW site to check stolen bikes by rego number?

    Anyway, a few minutes having fun with an idiot. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Stay away from Western Union Wire Transfer for money transfer. All scammers use this.

    The sad thing is, people fall for this and get scammed.
  10. nice one!

    cheers for posting it up.

    although, why is it still posted on bikesale?

    hmmm, wonder if there really is a 'daniel spencer' in Swan Hill, VIC 3585. might want to let him know :LOL:
  11. Western Union is an awesome service.

    Unfortunately, due to it's ease of use, it is a preferred method for scammers as the dickhead on display in this post.

    You can organise WUWT at post offices and and some selected newsagencies.

    Person A: goes into a newsagents, fills out a western union transfer slip, pays money into a Name and offers an verbal password.

    in 10 minutes the money is wired to person B:

    Person B: then needs to visit a WUWT branch overseas, walk in, ask for the money, answer the verbal password, money is handed over.

    Fastest way to get money to someone who has drunk all of their spending money whilst on Holidays :grin:
  12. lol the same person was selling a r1 for $4000 a couple of months ago..
    u can tell its him by the language. "heres what i propose you" crap only he was in italy back then.

    i would have hoped they could have caught em by now.
    guess if you pay with money order with a false name its untracable?
  13. the scarry thing is HOW many people DO fall for it...

    they will use the PayPal too... but when it comes to paying $$ into the paypal account they will accidently miss spell the email address... and the money will go to them instead of the "holding" account with PayPal...
  14. and here's the final chapter on this saga "Daniels" reply....

    PS: Hornet your welcome any time your need a bed in Melbourne
  15. Apparently there has been a bit of this happening on ebay too.

    They just copy all the details and pics of an existing ad but replace the contact info with their own
  16. They tried it with me when I was selling the MX5,

    my client left me a cheque but it's for more than what you want. It's ok though, bank the cheque and give me the difference. I'll send a car carrier around to collect it. Give the driver the balance

    I strung him along for a week or so, till the very end when I told them that I was onto their scam.

    Entertaining to say the least.

    But yeah, there would be a few people out there that getting bitten in the arse.

    This scam works as the banks take 28 days to clear a foreign cheque. By that time your car is gone and you are left with nothing.
  17. um, the scammer is using another name now:

    Seller Details
    Name darren dunnett
    Phone (AH) 07 38180157
    Phone (MO8) 0411156768
    Location bellbird park, QLD 4300

    i'm actually playing ping pong email with "daniel spencer" :LOL:
  18. and so it begins:

    ok, at this point i make bikesales aware of this scammer and this is their reply:

    interesting! it's still up:

    bikesales- HONDA VTR1000SP2

    anybody got any friends in london? care to pay a visit :LOL:
  19. Obviously it's a career for this guy :twisted:

    Does anyone know anybody on a UK bike forum...we could send em round in person with $4400 of monopoly money and a can of woop-ass :grin:
  20. Aviatron London
    Aircraft Charter, Renting & Leasing (Office & Administration) based in the Sheldrake Placearea of London
    Tel: 020 79372400
    Address: 16 Sheldrake Place London W8 7QS