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It is harder to ride with Earplugs?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Yetta, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Ok, so you may be thinking Huh?, but I've only been riding a month... so what I'm about to say is probably just me being cr@p.

    I wore earplugs today for the 1st time. The conical foam jobbies that block almost everything, I can hardly hear the bike. Around town, my gear-changes were jerky, which I put down to not being able to hear. When I got out on the highway, though... I had a hard time cornering smoothly (not that I'm any good normally). My balance felt all out of whack. I eventually just took them out as I didn't feel safe at all.

    Just wondering if anyone else had found riding more difficult with the foam earplugs in, and what you type you now use which don't cause the problem.

    You may begin pointing and laughing now :p

  2. Permit me to be the first to point and laugh, in a muted fashion.

    Whatever new thing you try often is accompanied by disorientation and adjustment. Earplugs are just such a matter.

    But trust me, when you get to 50 years old and the upper registers of your hearing are still perfect, you'll bless the day you decided to persevere with the change and get used to earplugs :).

    Having worn them for the last few years, funnily enough, I forgot to put mine in as I scarpered for home from TFRPS a couple of hours ago. The DIN of engine and road noise and WIND was terrible; and most of my upper register is already gone from years of riding WITHOUT earplugs :LOL:.
  3. Earplugs ftw.. :cool:

    I won't ride without them - it just feels wrong if I don't have them now. :wink:
  4. I won't ride without plugs. I use a pair of custom made plugs (that you can make at home). Even when I have the GPS hooked up with MP3's playing I still wear plugs.

    Plugs filter out the wind noise and let me hear what is happening around me clearer.
  5. Always ride with them.

    Although now with a quiet inline 4 I can go without them I thought.

    Till I rode around with them in and it's so much nicer.
  6. I have only been riding a few months and plan to try them in the near future. Nearly every night on the way home this Harley goes past me and his exhaust note is literally painful. I am not sure how how he could still hear.
  7. Its not just the engine noise that can damage your hearing but the wind whistling through your helmet producing very high pitch sounds.
    Always wear them!
  8. i filled mine with selleys silicone years ago. no plugs for me.

  9. It's cheap.... i like it!
  10. You do get used to them. Persevere, it'll be worth it in the long run. If I've lost mine (again) and have to ride for 30mins plus without them, I'll have ringing in my ears for the next couple of hours and be constantly having to ask everyone to speak up. It's kinda annoying, but my staintune exhaust does sound really cool IMHO
  11. practice, practice, practice...

    soon, you'll be able feel through your body what the bike is doing..

    but dont be unsafe/dangerous about it.. small steps mate..
  12. I agree Paul. Bloody noisy without them. I have 2 hearing aids that I need to wear for normal conversation. And at $1600 each the pair of 50c ear plugs seem a cheaper alternative.

    A must for touring, it is very tiring to listen to high levels of noise for long periods of time....and personally I would not use an Ipod for the same reason, as it could cover warning sound that the bike maybe giving.

    I'd also suggest the your erratic riding has nothing to do with the ear plugs, but to do with your different perception of that you were doing.

    Oh..hearing loss cannot be fixed, once it's done it's too late, not like a broken bone which will repair itself.
  13. :shock: How far are you shoving the earplugs in for them to affect balance.
    Remember if you can feel 'em touching your brain, you've gone too far ;).
  14. Plugs for me on longer trips, around town, I don't really bother. Firstly, the exposure is a shorter amount of time, and teh ambient noise is mostly wind, so it's not as big an issue.
    However, I will stop and pull the plugs out before blasting up Clyde mountain......1000cc's of inline four at high rpms is just too nice to miss out on.

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Thanks for the feedback... I'm going to stick with them, maybe try different types that let me hear a little bit more, and work through the weirdness.
  16. You'll adjust pretty soon i think to different cues about when to shift, eg handlebar and footpeg vibrations. The rest is just feeling comfortable.

    I find I ride better with plugs in now. Could be that it's easier to concentrate without noise fatigue.
  17. I only use one ear plug, a bit of towelling pushed in one ear and pulled out the other. :LOL:

    Seriously though;

    I suffer from tinnitus and the sound of the wind and engine in my ears is much better than the continual ringing I have to listen to. :furious:

    Now really seriously though;

    Better to wear earplug so that you don’t end up having to listen to that f@#$%$g ringing in your ears all the time. :roll:
  18. Hmmmm. so that's what it is, tinnitus thanks DOH.

    Mines from rock concerts in the '70's though.

    I don't use ear plugs, I'm deaf enough not to need 'em.
  19. You're the only person so far to dissent from the "they're a good thing" line. The again, you seem to have a good excuse.

    I said "You're the only person so far to dissent from the "they're a good thing" line. The again, you seem to have a good excuse."

  20. hey? wodya say?