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It is finished

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by stinkfinger, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. nice looking bike mate....

    when do you start racing??
  2. try removing the excessive caps.

    Did you perhaps place it in the wrong forum and a mod moved it to the correct forum?

    I've edited your SCREAMING!!!!!
  4. is the pillion peg on the right hand side part of the exhaust bracket ?

    if not, you should take the pillion pegs off. looks a little odd.
  5. Okay, what I said in the last thread.

    Looks good!

    Need to remove the pillion peg brackets. Replace the exhaust side bracket with some custom bent bit of metal to hold the exhaust in place.

    Pull off the chain guard, and remove the front sprocket cover too.

    Good job!
  6. How much did the written off bike cost to purchase. And did you do most of the work yourself ? (are you a mechanic )
  7. Well the price is right... Good luck with the racing :grin:
  8. Good stuff!!! Good onya

    Hope you enjoy the racing, and keep us informed of your progres please?

    As for more stickers... get a few dozen NETRIDERS stickers :wink:
    how about a big "sharks mouth" on the front (nose cone). Or two big evil eyes on the front under the screen?
  9.  Top
  10. take 2...

    will I see you riding this around Adelaide, or is it for track only???

    Good looking bike! you did good!
  11. Mate that bike looks great! And the price is pretty darned good, especially for the level of satisfaction you must now have :)
  12. Good news! :grin: It looks awesome man!

    First things first, can I ride it? :LOL: Kidding
    Swap ya for the 250 :wink:

    Stickers... well you'll need to allow some room for your race number on the nose and ducktail, plenty of YAMAHA stickers, I'm sure you could locate a couple replica R6 ones.. Then if you're keen, your helmet brand and leathers, boots, A*'s etc.
    Chain brand, brake pads, tyres, oil, bike shop it gets serviced at etc.

    You could make up some of your own stickers and get them printed


    Check out brickworks markets and fishermans wharf, they have some places with cool stickers.

    Spotted this one last weekend, she's going on my next helmet for good luck. *sort of NWS*
  13. leave it black like that. it looks sweeet :cool: