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It is all Mia's fault

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Piercing Pete, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    New here but not new to riding.
    I have a VFR 750 that I love. It is my 4th bike and I am sure not the last :p

    My friend Mia (dont know her name here) told me I should swing on over and check the forum out.


  2. So what, you post a technical question over there ---> and I say "Welcome", and then you come over here and expect me to do it again???? Do you think I'm made of welcomes, or something???

    Welcome again :) :LOL:.
  3. Obviously you are :)

    Thank you again for making me feel at home :)
    Now where is the beer and Pizza?
  4. Welcome to NR.. :grin:
  5. Re: It is all Mai's fault

    You got that right!

    That's some f#cked up sh#t on that website dude! :shock:

    Welcome to NR, you'll fit right in :LOL:
  6. maybe to some but not to others.

    To each their own hey :)
  7. I got mine done at the piercing urge! Then took it off for work, got the itch a year later to have it back in again and repierced the bugger myself.

    <<< sucker for punishment.

    Also used to hang out with a bunch who did suspensions at Dream nightclub.

    So welcome to the forums, come meet the rest of the modded-out folk :)
  8. So who are the "rest of the modded folk" on here?
  9. They're around, ya gotta start coming to various coffees.
  10. Hey pete.I have a VFR as well. Put up a pic . Grouse bike huh. eat up the k's no probs on em. welcome!
  11. yeah I was looking at those earlier. It will either be the one is Williamstown or Brandon Park. Any cool folk there?

    Maybe when it warms up a little :p

    (Yes sometimes I am a pussy fair weather rider, but as I am getting older I dont bloody care what anyone thinks :p )
  12. IMG_0074.

    I have some better pics but cant find them now.
  13. That was an interesting place to have a drink or 12.. :shock: :LOL: I'd like to go back for another look when I'm sober-er.. :cool:
  14. Yeah Dream was a fun little fire trap wasnt it :)
  15. Now where is the beer and Pizza?[/quote]

    Did someone say BEER AND PIZZA :beer:

    Welcome piercing pete or we could change that to pin cushion pete
  16. Ha ha Vossy, I am not the pin cushion I am the pin placer :)

    and where the hell is the pizza and beer???????
  17. Welcome to NR Pete!

    I had piercings done at the Piercing Urge, 3 consecutive times & they all grew out :cry:
    Come down to Sat coffee night & tell me what went wrong, would love to go for round 4 but I think my body's telling me it doesn't like metal! :LOL:

    ...and did someone say beer & pizza? :beer:
  18. Hey Sarz,

    Let me guess, it was your Eyebrow?
    maybe a different location would help but happy to chat when we meet
  19. No not eyebrow, somewhere a little more sensitive ...we'll chat at coffee, cheers