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IT Ignoramous is Pleased With Himself

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by PatB, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. It's so long since I first picked up a spanner (basically out of necessity) that I've often found it hard to relate to the (perfectly reasonable) trepidation felt by mechanical newbies when faced with fairly basic maintenance or repair tasks. Or, particularly, with the euphoria felt when it all goes to plan and the repair is successful.

    Well, I've just put myself in your shoes in an area where I'm desperately uncomfortable and ignorant, by opening up my computer and installing a cheapo Ebay firewire card. And it worked. And my PC hasn't died yet as a result :cool: . I'm just ridiculously chuffed with myself. It's quite laughable really.

    Of course, if anything whatsoever had not gone according to plan, I'd have been utterly stuffed. Still, I figured that I could always then take it to someone competent and it wouldn't cost me significantly more than if I'd got them to do the installation in the first place.

    As it is, I've saved a few bucks and gained this wonderful (and grossly out of proportion) sense of satisfaction :grin: .
  2. So folks, all future IT and IT-related questions should be directed to Pat :LOL:.
  3. Well done but do you realise you now know enough to be a real pain for Tech Support :LOL:
  4. Oh, I worked that out 11 years ago when, in a fit of idiocy that I still have difficulty believing, I spectacularly crashed the office's computer network, two days before the end of my probationary period, in my first job in Australia.

    No, I'm not going to tell you what I did.
  5. I don't believe your story. You know enough to know that you know nothing. Something doesn't add up. :-k