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it hurts more on the inside then the outside

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pragnasty, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. my first off today at speed.


    turning right into a dip in the road and wuhlaaa lowside slide
    lucky i bought my oggy knobs the week before. (about half the plastic left now :LOL: )
    ripped a big hole in my (i think kevlar knee) rjays LIghtning pants
    no bruises thanks to the armour
    ground down my brake lever, scratched my exhaust and dented my pride

    managed to keep my head up and therefore saved my helmet. pretty funny to see youre bike sliding away from you sparking on the ground.
    my ninja training came in handy as i did a roll and was quickly on my feet trying to pick up the bike to hide in a dark corner somewhere.
    i was a little bit more cautious on the way home :eek:

    ohh well will im having a winge has everyone found they invariably become mechanics owning a bike?
    this is my second bike, and ive replaced clutch cables, cdi's, pickups, (Hopefully not the coils too :evil: ) throttle return cables, etc etc.
    basically its been pushed on me as my mechanic is too busy to work on my bike. is my bike a heap of shit or has everyone gone through the same learning curve? i mean i love it, and like working on my bike, but does a bike require more maintenance than a car?

    has anyone done any tafe courses in qld with relevance to motorbikes ? :?:

  2. bad luck !

    good to hear your okay though..

    were you leaning too far in or did you just slip out?
  3. back luck mate, what a prick...

    Let us know if you need a hand with repairs, I'm really good at standing over the bike with a beer nodding my head.
  4. bit of bad luck there........but good to hear that you are not hurt............ :)
  5. where abouts? might be a bit of grease/crud on the road there...

    No fairing/engine cover damage? Geez those things are good. Take a few photos, I'm sure a few folks in here would be interested in seeing them.

    :LOL: :LOL:

    There are heaps of factors which can make you crash, including a crap bike... I've had one of these on my first day riding, because the rear tire was really crap and hard - never had enough grip. It's all learning experiences anyway.

    I'd be interested in a P/T night course too... I'll have a look

  6. i think i lent to far in plus the road sort of dips, then rises up, and i was turning into it at an angle. i guess ive been too used to driving though it with a car.
    fourwheels are better are maintaining an upright positon.

    it was enough to fit a bike through. so i guess it sort of ripped it from under me, and it kept going straight.

    gooding drive turning right into boowaggon road if you know it dan

    just glad i bought good gear, if i were wearing jeans my knee would be shredded carrot. cant stress enough about buying the best gear you can afford. still ive been hurt worse falling off the pushy then on the motorbike (so far, touch wood)
  7. Bugger! But at least you're in 1 piece, which is the important thing.
  8. and i ride naked. no fairing = no $$ :p
    no damage at all to engine covers.

    but seriously i did study bujinkan (Ninjitsu) for a short time and trust me it does help to control youre movements and break falls. and you get to wear cool black pajamas and slippers and throw shurikens at people

    i should ride a ninja...................

    there was a bit of crap in the corner, but most of it stayed in my pants :p
  9. smart man...

    what's a shuriken? is that what ken & ryu used to throw at you in Street Fighter II? Never mind.

    :LOL: :LOL: always the way.

    that intersection sees a bit of traffic, did anyone stop to help? I suppose you would have had it upright in a jiffy though.

  10. Glad to hear you're ok pragnasty. I think I'll take your gear advise. No more excuses for me, I'm getting some decent motorbike pants this weekend.
  11. Another newb question :)
    Can you get oggy knobs to fit a zzr 250? and when you put them on do they attach TO the fairing? if so what happens wen u crash doesn't the force push them through the fairings?

    Thnx in advance
  12. Oh and bad luck about the crash, happens to us all though :)
  13. they bolt onto the frame, very very solid things. Hurt lots when you bang your knees on them :LOL: :LOL:

    I think they make them for most models, have a look at their web site (in links directory I think?).

    cheers :)
  14. You had the right gear on . top marks :D . Seeing as i know nothing about bikes , i'll help dan hold his beer up.
  15. To bad Pragnasty, good to know that you're OK and the bike is rideable. I'll be interested to see photos of the damage if you've got some.
  16. get me a camera and ill get some pics...... :( :wink:
    no money for a digital camera yet but soon..........