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IT help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jimi, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. Hi all you IT people out there (67% of netriders),

    I downloaded some new software and since have had this popup serch thing happening. It highlights works on ANY page and hyperlinks them to a popup search page. How do I get rid of this? I have tried a few things but cant find the program. Also my computer has come up with a virus which I think might be related.

    HELP PLEASE! :shock:
  2. You've got a virus then, are you running any virus software? If so then perform a complete system scan.

    You could also try installing and running Ad-Aware (it's free)
  3. I have scanned the system with AVG and VET. AVG said it found a virus but the virus was deleted. Also ran an adware scan.
  4. what was the software? Quite often you can search google for "software name and uninstall" (or "software name and remove", "software name and popups", or "software name and ad aware") and you will find that many people have had similar problems and they will tell you how to solve it.

    Also try spy-bot - between that and ad aware they seem to get most things.
  5. i was given a copy of limelight pro and office xp

    (mods - delete this is the software police are on the prowl here)
  6. To completly get rid of your troubles (but you will have to spend some time doing this), get hijackthis from http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/

    Ad-aware SE combines with spybot + Microsoft Anti-spyware beta1 will get most trojans/spyware off your system but 'hijackthis' should get everything. (Use as a last resort if you need to)
  7. Thanks guys. I did the adaware test again, and then followed up with spy bot. Still had the problem. I downloaded Hijackthis but have no idea what's what and what i should or shouldnt delete.

    Anyone else had this before?

    It hasnt harmed my computer but is just bloody annoying when every 5th work on every page is green and underlined.
  8. does this article seem to describe your problem?

    And just to be sure - you have updated ad-aware recently?

    And finally - you say 'every fifth work is highlighted' - you do mean to say word, right? And does this happen in every program, just internet explorer, or the MS office programs?

    (I have never use hijack this so I can not advise on that).
  9. I updated adaware today. That is exactly what i have. How do i get rid of it...?
  10. check this link out: http://spy-bot.net/TopText.asp

    ad aware should get it. But if it isn't, then at the bottom of the page (linked above) is the manual removal method. I have summarised below:

    Use the normal windows add/remove programs and remove either uzilla or toptext as the program (not sure what it will be listed as).

    Go to start -> run and enter "stub.exe -UnregServer "

    Then find 'stub.exe' in the system directory (where you installed windows to - probably c:\windows) and delete stub.exe (do this after you run the command above).

    Final step - download and start using firefox and you won't have this problem again. ;-)
  11. Hi Jimi,

    Thats one of the problems, its sometimes hard to tell whats legit and whats not when trying to decide whats dodgy/whats not.

    What version of Windows/Apple are you using? If you have winXP do you have your firewall enabled? Also if you do have XP, makes sure you have service pack 2 installed as well - this service pack installed a completly new firewall thats currently standing the test of time (touch wood).

    Before I went to SP2, I was getting stuff like your talking about all the time even with the older built in firewall on. Now nothing gets through with SP2 (for the time being anyway)

    Couple of simple things to check first:

    a) Have you checked your add/remove programs and seen and weird thing in there you've never seen before? If so you know what to do ;)

    I'm assuming its loaded automatically every time windows starts. Theres two main places you can check this. Firstly in Start->All Programs->Startup folder.

    If its there, right click on it and do a properties to see what directory the thing is sitting in and chase it down and delete it and remove the startup entry.

    If you can't see anything in "Startup" then the next step is to get into the registry to get the big picture of anything windows is starting (this is usually where I find the rascals).

    Providing your comfortable in the risks associated with editing the registry:

    Start->Run-> type "regedit.exe" and hit enter.
    Go to the registry entry:


    This is a one stop shop place to see what the hell is being loaded at startup. Even if your startup folder from above is empty you'll find this spot isn't.

    I'll bet that you'll find a weird named/unrecognised executable (.exe file) its calling in some weird/non standard directory. If its there, take note of the exe's path and go delete the file yourself, then delete the key in the above path (which means windows won't start the thing automatically on the next boot)

    Obviously don't delete the entire "Run" directory but only the suspect item. In fact the safest way to do it would be to cross check any names on a google search etc to see if there known viruse or a core system component your about to delete!

    I've found and removed stuff in the past using the above, but remember if your using WinXP and have system restore enabled then theres a good chance a past restore point has a copy of the virus/trojan so you either have to delete the restore point or be aware if you ever have to restore you system back to an earlier time, it may also restore the virus ;(

    I'd check Startup, the registry "Run" key outline above + add/remove programs and then i'd say your next step is to get hold of a decent anti-virus package etc.

    Worth a try,
  12. I think we may be missing something here, guys. Is it possible that "when every 5th work on every page is green and underlined" simply means that in Word our worthy friend has Microsoft's ever-helpful grammar checker on? It is enabled by default, so go into Optons and turn it off, it's never right anyway!
  13. hey guys, i have a similar prob to this.

    every 5 mins a browser screen opens for a company called hotoffers (a bloody p0rn site, and no, i have never been to the site nor even heard of it) and it has changed my opening ie page from google to hotoffers and i cant change it back (it wont let me, i open internet settings and change it and the bloody thing is back straight away)

    i have tried adaware 6.0, hijack this and microsoft antispyware beta version, i also tried all the stuff recomended by GHETTO recommended, antispyware finds and deleats it and if i run a scan again it will be back instantly, i am starting to get very anoyed (and so is my boss) and my it dept is bloody woefull.

    any help would be most appriciated
  14. reply

    Ghetto is pretty right, BUT.

    I suggest before you do it, create a restore point first. That way if you stuff something up, at least you can get the machine back to where it was before you fiddled with it.

    Also if you find the problem is vurus related you wil find that every time you restart, the problem is there again. If it is only in Word it sounds lik a macro virus. This usually infects the 'normal.dot' file. I like to turn the restore feature off first. Then clean the machine. That way the machine will be clean on restart. If the 'normal.dot' file is infected, you may have to replace it. Clean the machine first. Open a file, check all is OK, then name it 'normal.dot' replace the existing file. Restart the machine. All should be ok.

    If the machine is then ok, restore the restore system.

    Keep your virus scanner up to date (DAILY) Do nothing, until it is updated. Watch burned CDs, DVDs and floppies with great suspicion.
    Keep your firewall on and updated. I do not use the Microsoft one, I use a free Zonealarm.

  15. yep
    Americans can't spell and their grammar is atrocious... :LOL:
  16. reply


    I saw something the same some time ago. The only thing to do was uninstall Windows Explorer. Re-install newer version. Don't forget to save/backup the address book first just in case.

    Another culprit is the Yahoo toolbar. Absolute pain. Have to uninstall it to get rid of it. If that does not work, use the above method.

    Might try a restore to earlier date first to see if that fixes it.

  17. For any potential spybots, adware etc, www.ianag.com is your friend.

    If the answer isn't in the articles etc, then search the forums. Hijack this is there, as are other great tools.

    if the answer isn't there, it has been found yet....

    (by the way, IANAG stands for "I am not a geek".. gotta love it :D )

  18. IANAG = Geek Denial :)
  19. Hi all. Thankyou for your help. I tried almost every method you had described. I finally got rid of this bloody thing. None of the above methods worked - so it is some kind of immune system.

    I finally followed a link, then went to the homepage of the company, went into help, searched help for remove and found the appropiate links. It ended up uninstalling a program for me that was named "thinkbizgenerator". It is gone now (hopefully forever)!

    Once again, thank you all for your help!
  20. My suggestion to anyone with these sorts of problems is to immediately remove IE and replace it with FireFox, then remove outlook and replace it as well with something else.