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IT help !!! . . . reading partitioned HDDs !!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Can any IT gurus give me some advice !

    My laptop has become infected with a nasty virus that just reboots WinXP over and over. I've tried the pressing F5 then starting the SAFE MODE and CMD Prompt, but still, when XP Safe Mode starts it just reboots.

    So what I have done is purchase an external 2.5in HDD holder with USB so that I can retrieve important data off the laptop HDD straight to my desktop. Once i've retrieved important files, i'll be restoring the laptop to its original settings.

    Problem is, the HDD is partitioned and when I connected it to my desktop it is only reading one portion of the drive which does not have the important files I want to copy over.

    Does anyone know how to make it read both partitions ???

    I know there is software out there which enables you, can someone advise where a free download can be done ???
  2. Generally it should be set up so your system is on one partition (drive C) and your data on the other (Drive D?). If so, just reformat partion 1 and reload XP and your software.

  3. Just for clarity, you have removed the HDD from the laptop and put it into a USB enclosure, then plugged this into your desktop?

    If so, you might not have much joy with the usb drive as most do not support multiple partitions. Hopefully your seeing the primary partition - where the problematic virus is - so you can clean it off, put the drive back in the laptop and get everything working again...

    To access the partitions from your desktop you could also plug the HDD directly into the desktop - note that you will require some adapter cables as the connectors are not the same.

    Good luck!
  4. Yes, the 2.5in HDD is removed.

    No, i'm not seeing the primary partition.

    yeah, thats my next step, to plug in directly to the desktop.
  5. Does the desktop have XP too? The other partition could be NTFS filesystem.

    Start | Control Panel | Admin Tools | Computer Management
    -- Disk Management (under Storage)
    Can you see the partitions in here?
  6. nah, desk top is WinME, i'll try it anyway.

    Its funny actually because I had a time capsule moment when I fired up the desk top. I had not used it for over 4years, it was quite a reminiscing moment browsing through old photos on it. Seeing my old car when I drove it out of the dealer, my old Labrador who has since been put down, seeing how it was like when fuel was under $1 a litre, pics of past women :eek: and others like that ! . . :grin:

    I bought a IDE 2.5in to 3.5in adaptor . . . I hope i can retrieve the data on my laptop hard drive.

    You see, I'd rather not send it to a computer specialist . . . laptop "My Documents/My Pictures" directory can get me busted !!! :LOL:
  7. as mouth has suggested there, Win ME will not be able to see an NTFS partition (which is what all NT based systems use as a default). you'll have to swing around to see someone that is using XP/2000 and use their PC to copy your incriminating evidence :wink:
  8. I would suggest NOT using the adaptor, it's too easy to get it backwards and fry your drive.

    Use Bart PE, or ghost or something to make an image of your drive over the network and extract your files from the image.
  9. Have you fried a drive this way?

    I've never had any issue with frying due to using such an adapter (at least 3 different brand of drives and two different adapters)...if it is backwards the drive isn't detected so you flip it around and away you go, no harm done.
  10. You're using ME?

    I agree with everyone else. Don't use an adapter. Find a machine running Windows 2K or XP and plug it in there. Make sure it's set as a Slave drive first and all that.
  11. thanks for the replies.
    yeah, the adapter did SFA . . . .

    Next step is to visit my brother in law and use his PCs to sort this problem out.
  12. win ME won't do what you need.

    Find a PC with XP as already mentioned so it can read the NTFS partitions.

    then you should be fine
  13. Mickyb, you need two things.

    1. Something to phyically provide some adaption between the 2.5 inch disk connection to the 3.5 inch Hard disk IDE bus inside the computer or a USB port on your computer. Either one should work.

    2. You need a environment which will be able to read the NTFS partition, the most likely way to do this is a windows 2000 or XP computer.

    Without these two elements happening at the same time you are wasting your time.
  14. I downloaded a free version of Partition Magic, played around with it last night to delete the partition. But I was too scared deleting the partition could potentially wipe the hardrive.

    yeah. I think i'll play it safe and find an XP machine to retrieve the info.
  15. wise move on both counts
  16. another thing you could try is installing xp over the top... this way you do not have to reformat the PC and will keep your "needed" files.
    once you have done that you should be able to retrieve the files you are after then reformat....?
  17. all sorted !!

    Three trojans were residing on my HDD.
    Zapped them, now i'm back online with my laptop.