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IT help please

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Woo hoo now I can start my own new thread :LOL:

    Ok so last Saturday night my comp has done an auto update !
    I'm positive I had that turned off :?

    Anyhoo , since then the net is working fine and I can receive emails but I cant send em.

    Seems that the TCP/IP protocols are missing and wont reload :evil:

    I've checked winsock and according to the readout is all ok
    I've also tried to reload via windows/inf. Which looks like it works until I reboot then nothing again.

    Any other thoughts ?


  2. They are evil, can't turn auto updating off properly in alot of cases. Even when you turn it off, it still does it. Freakn irritating, especially when the security updates mess stuff up like in your case.

    Perhaps backtrack to a previous update.. Or google any error messages you get and hope for someone having the same issue :D
  3. Yeah I'm trolling goggle every chance I get :)

    Oh I wish a system restore would fix it, yup tried that ...........
    "sorry could not restore your system to the time/date specified"

    I'm guessing that the update either wiped or corrupted them too :evil: :mad:
  4. Time to switch to linux :p
  5. If the TCP/IP protocols were missing then you wouldn't be able to either receive or send email.

    Can you surf the internet ok? I'm assuming so because you posted here, but it may have been from another PC.

    What mail client are you using?

    When you send an email do you get an error message, if so what is it?

    Do you have email sitting in your outbox?
  6. recieving but not sending emails is a connection issue to the specified smtp server, make sure no other program is blocking it, and make sure the setting is still correct in outlook.
  7. +1 to CamKawa and booga.

    TCP is intact because your web browsing works. I would suspect the Windows firewall. As a test switch it off temporarily and see if it works then. If it does check whether the particular program you use for email is allowed Port 25 (SMTP) access in the firewall.

    Note if you are running Vista it is particularly picky on what programs are allowed access on particular port numbers.

    Good Luck Bob. :)
  8. Normally Bob would just make a new TCP/IP out of a leftover meatball and some toothbrush bristles. But last time I visited, I ate all the meatballs.
  9. Specs please:

    Mail Client:
    Firewall Installed:
    Internet Type (ie adsl, dial up):
    Internet Provider:
    Email provider:

    Might be able to help then.
  10. I'm guessing you're running XP, I'm guessing XP has done some cool firewall thingies (as it does). My suggestion would be to drop to the command line and try an outgoing telnet on port 25 to your smtp server. This will tell you if either Windows is blocking your port out, your router is blocking your port out or your ISP is blocking :25.

    What does the bolded section mean? Does it mean mail flows again or it looks like you have successfully played with settings?
  11. Wash motherboard with warm, soapy water.
  12. Came across this today at a clients, the SMTP authentication had been turned on, but wasn't required. Esp if you are getting error 0x80045109, then this could be the issue.
  13. I have had this problem and have managed to resolve it successfully.

    Here are the detailed steps:

    1. left click on the start button on the bottom left hand corner
    2. select run
    3. enter cmd and select ok
    4. type in Format C
    5. Say yes to any questions.

    Now when that is all done, can you send ma a pm with your address so that I know where to send the bill.

    Dusclaimer: This doesn't really work and only reformats your hard drive losing everythign you have on it. I'm an accountant not an IT geek.
  14. Bad Cambo, bad bad Cambo.

    I'm backing Booga on this one, with a side bet on the Windows Firewall.
  15. I think I'm going to do this tonight.

    Windows is a little sluggish to perform these days... probly spyware and other assorted shyte.
  16. I'm still thinking its a coincidence and he is using a different email provider (maybe own domain name) and his ISP has blocked port 25 at their end.

    Try putting your isp username and password in outbound server requires authentication.
  17. Well its definatly XP stuffed up with the latest service pack that downloaded grrrrrrrr

    I hooked up my work laptop to my wireless system at home imput the EXACT settings as set up on my desktop and straight through, send recieve emails the works.

    It's looking like over the weekend Im going to be transfering all the stuff I want to keep onto the external HD and then do a XP reboot from scratch off the CD, then reload all my extra's again :evil:

    Ps: my work laptop is running the same firewall / system / email progams / anti virus etc etc, I know this becourse when I got it other than XP she was a blank system with work Diagnostic programs only. So all sundry programs I've put on.