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IT help please - MP3 Editing Software

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Toecutter, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Looking for some recommendations in regards to software that I can use to edit MP3's for ringtones.

    Many thanks in advance

  2. Goldwave would probably be good enough for your purposes and is pretty easy to use.

  3. Thanks sir_b

    Great stuff - mission accomplished :cool:
  4. Audacity is a good one too
  5. I use Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition.
  6. Cool edit is great. I used to do some production, its simple and easy.
  7. Thanks very much to all for their input
  8. mutiple personalities

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  9. audacity is excellent...

    free... multi track(heaps not sure how many)

    simple to cut/paste/record

  10. itunes and garageband ftw
  11. (Sony) ACID PRO 5 is what I use... does everything and its not hard to use. PM me if you want it...
  12. I have the trial version of Audition, and I was wondering how I could add backing Drums. Is it possible to do though Audition or does anybody else know of a good program ?

  13. PJ I would sugest Virutal Dj... Very Simple to use... kind of like decks but with MP3.. pick a track then run what ever you want over the top. Very easy to make ur own MP3. I use it alot when i want to pull a song from a Set (ie taking a 80 mins of a set and removing 3 mins of a song)
  14. i am with the cooledit crowd on wintel

    but i use Audacity on my main linux box and on my Solaris boxes. I have wayy too many comp at home.
  15. There's too many on the market, but I use WavePad Pro for restoration... Everything else is fine for cutting/fading/splitting, etc.