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[IT help] New to Android - requesting some basics please...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Ok guys,

    Just got myself a Toshiba tablet that runs on Android - I don't know much about android and right out of the box I have to update the OS because it didn't come with the version they promised... but since some folks have reported that the update from 3.0 to 3.2.1 has caused all manner of issues... I'm recommended to run a backup.

    Some of the back up apps - the ones that do the most backing up, require the tablet to be rooted... what the hell does that mean??!

    Soooo... give me some lowdown on Android please and what the hell rooting (hahaha) is and perhaps even a recommended back up app.

    Hopefully the update will fix the issue I'm having with how this tablet plays mp4's... not quite as smooth as was promised by the brochure... Anyway - any advice appreciated.


  2. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    Highest level access in a Unix type system is Root user. Generally vendors keep this level of access for themselves and give users a lower level of access. Too get rooted ;) is to break access restrictions so that you have full access to the machine. It will generally void your warranty with the vendor however.

    Can't help with backup apps though Rob, I am still running my steam powered Nokia ;) Which remind me I better go put some more coal in it.
  3. Rooted is like jailbreak for ipads/iPhones. I just install all the apps from scratch after reformatting etc. I'm an Android lover but only on phones, haven't used a tablet yet.
  4. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    Rob, I'd recommend that as well as aking here you get onto one of myriad Android forum site around; I'm on AndroidForums, for exmple. They are full of hackers and fiddlers who not only know all the current stuff but are already playing with stuff that hasn't been released yet.

    Rooting an Android device is analagous to GaolBreaking an Apple device, if that means anything. It enables you to get behind the interface and play with the basics of the OS. It also voids the warranty :LOL:
  5. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    The above is correct, think of "root" being synonymous with "administrator". Unrestricted access, if root wants to delete the entire operating system while it is running, the system will allow it to happen. Android is built on Linux, which was based on Unix.

    Backup programs require "superuser (root) level access", which is effectively being put in the "administrator" group of users. This is so they can read files that typically the system would prevent access to for security reasons.

    I would recommend Titanium Backup, it's served me well in the past.

    Rooting is usually reversible too, if you know what you're doing. There will almost certainly be lots of guides on the Internet on how to root your specific device. Read twice, read it again, then follow the process exactly. It is possible to "brick" your device (ie: making it as useful as a brick) if you do not follow the procedure. There is a program called "One Click Root" somewhere in the tubes that may root your specific device automatically.

    But yes, it will probably void your warranty.
  6. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    Thanks for the advice guys. Titanium is the first backup app in the appstore... not sure I'm ready to void the warranty yet.

    Most backup apps talk about backup to an SD card. The tablet has a USB port and I have an external drive that I can use, hopefully titanium can backup to the drive via USB... I'll have a look when I'm home.
  7. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    I'd think about doing the Toshiba update by the book, if you haven't got other stuff loaded yet. If it gives trouble you can tell the shop and have them sort it.

    Also see if yours is getting ICS/Android 4 - Toshiba is supposed to be offering it soon, but model and country varies. If so, you could hold off until then and maybe find another player that does mp4 better in the meantime.
  8. Don't get too acquainted. The next update, ice cream sandwich is due any day now. Its out in a few countries as of yesterday and is being rolled out. Its supposed to be a lot different and much better. Although it won't be compatible with all devices so check.
  9. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    The things you need to backup are really just your contacts and documents if you have them/any. Toshiba should have provided a Windows app to connect to the phone/tablet where you can backup stuff.

    I use App Backup and Restore which will backup most apps to SD card. After you've updated and are missing any apps you can just download them again from Play (Market).
  10. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with its own sync software, KIES. It's universally disliked by us users, but all you have to do is plug your tablet or phone into the computer and choose who much or how little you want sync'd/backed up, etc.
  11. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    Best move - Sell it, get an ipad
  12. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    Yeah, my daughter (16) tells me all the time to forget the Samsung and get an iPhone! Sad thing is I pay for the iPhone, but not for the Samsung!
  13. Always had Android because....
    It plays flash
    Has sdcard slot
    Easy usb file transfer(none of this iTunes stuff)
    Widgets( cos they just look good)
    Phone functionality is better and more customizable.

    That being said, iPhones/ipads are good because they are easy to use..sold my iPad and had a loan iPhone, which I was glad to give back. Each to their own, both have good and bad points. Just buy/use what suits you. Lucky we have the option to pick and choose :)
  14. My one regret about changing iPhone to Android was losing my angry birds scores. Everything else in my opinion is smarter to use.
  15. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    It's just like a big phone :) I got one of the original Samsung Galaxy Tabs last year, it's weird when people call it (wrong numbers).
  16. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    ICS won't be available on most devices that are out in the real world today. Android updates need to be released by the device vendor and then "blessed" by the telco before you'll be able to get them. I waited more than 12 months for the Froyo update from HTC/Bell Canada for my Legend, Gingerbread isn't and won't ever be available and the phone is less than 2 years old.
  17. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    Have an ipad (original version), and just got a new samsung galaxy nexus android ph running ics.

    Only received it at 4pm today, but everything is fairly clear once you get the grip of swiping.

    Both are similar concepts, delivery is different.
  18. Its on its way for my s2. Optus has finished testing. Shouldn't be too hard to find out for the Toshiba.
  19. Re: [IT help] New to Android - give me some basics please...

    Samsung haven't yet released ICS for either my SII Phone or my 10.1 tablet :(
  20. Don't think you get it for the tab unfortunately. Here's the latest on the s2 and how to hack it it you are impatient. http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1753790