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IT Help needed...data recovery

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Drew, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Hard drive just crashed........ And it has a lot of stuff i'd rather not loose.

    unfortunately it also took al my data recovery tools with it....bastid!

    So any of you other IT nutters out there got anything for a hard drive that's stuffed?

    BIOS says there is a drive, windows, Linux and every boot CD i own fail to agree with the bios.... nothing... no partitions.... not even aware the physical drive exists.

    Rather ticked off.

  2. Obtain another drive of exact same model, switch platters.
  3. Stick it in the freezer :twisted:
  4. If only......

    120Gig IDE......not an easy task these days.

    Freezer??? please explain...never heard that one.
  5. I regret to inform you that your p0rn is gone.

    Some more may be located on the intarwebs.

    Have a nice day.
  6. So did it or does it make grinding noises when the power is on? If not, then you may still be able to do a DIY recovery. Even a disk with death rattles will sometimes run one or two more times.

    Sometimes a drive "on the edge" will boot if it is warmed in advance. Try turning on the computer and leaving it on for at least half an hour. Then try a warm boot. Best with the PC reset button. If it works, be prepared to get your data off immediately, or leave it on until you can. You may not get another chance.

    If that does not work, since the BIOS sees the drive, booting to your Windows CD and running Windows repair (not actually trying to do a Windows repair), may make the drive visible. Then rewriting the Master Boot Record on the disk may fix the problem. I have recovered several "failed disks" just by rewriting the MBR.

    Failing that, have you got a USB to IDE/SATA Adapter that you can use with another PC to try and view the disk?

    Next, finding a second hand very similar drive, from which you could take the controller board to swap onto the broken disk, may let you access it, but that is a very long shot. This often wont work even with identical disks. What brand and model is it?

    Other than that, it is over to professional data recovery services.
  7. I've heard (but have never tried it) about the freezer thing too. A quick google should throw up lots of info, but apparently it causes some change in the electronics (or was it the platters... I can't remember) that sometimes it can work. I think you have to leave it in overnight to really cool the sucker down, but again, google should help you with your enquiries.

    Outside of that, I don't know of much other than those professional things that the feds and army use :)
  8. [​IMG]

    If that doesn't work, find a bigger hammer! :LOL:
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I've had results with some drives booting once in the freezer (but be warned, you cannot just stick it in the freezer in the raw, you need to cover it to stop condensation getting inside the drive), however in this case it should't be nessesary, I'd just set it as a slave drive, and use some software first to see what can be recovered.

    If you'd like you can bring it and a spare drive (to copy the data to) to my work in Abbotsford and can run the tools on it over a few hours, or if you dont have a spare drive as yet we sell hard drives too. I'm just not gonna put 120gb on DVD's for ya ;)
  11. Now we have the silly answers out of the way, contact www.payam.com.au They are in Melbourne, (03) 9510 5753 Level 7, 606 St Kilda Road. Australia's Best Data Recovery Service. Free evaluation and quotation within 24 hours, no fix, no fee.
  12. My my Paul you are getting grouchy aren't you :p

    The method I tend to use (as per above) has been tested and has recovered many small businesses accounting data. Although when I was working in the computer shop finding a drive of the same model was rather easy.
  13. Sorry, James, I'm as guilty as the next bloke of giving flippant answers to serious questions, but my experience in data loss tells me that it's never funny for the people who are involved...

    That said, if it happens to me, I'm set, because I've got TWO freezers :p :LOL:.

    I ALSO just happen to have a Western Digital WD1200 Caviar 120gb IDE hard drive lying around.....
  14. Well the Drive is a MAXTOR and about 3 years old.....which is annoying because my 7 year old Quantum is still going fine.

    No noises or anything that i noticed...... all was fine......went and had dinner came back to PC saying a delayed write error had occurred and the Hard drive mysteriously missing from explorer.....and no luck with it since.

    main thing i'm anoyyed aboiut is all my GP photos were on that drive!

    i'll see what it does tonight and then maybe look at recovery next week as i'm away for the weekend. If it boots i have a partition all set aside to copy it to...only about 40G of data i need to recover.

    as i said...the info is not super critical...just very anoying that it's gone.

    booga, i'll let you know if it needsyour tender ministrastions

    cheers fellas.
  15. If its Vital Mustn't Loose, Company Accounting data then I'd suggest a professional place, but this doesn't sound like a Critical Hardware failure either (ie no noises, or no noise at all, and BIOS still detecting).

    BUT as the videos in the link below does suggest, treat every try of data recovery as the last time you'll ever be able to boot that drive!

    Here is the myth disspelling video series from a Computer Forensic guy, watch and be amazed ;) ;)

    Unfortunately Maxtors have become known for dying (an older one of mine lasted forever, and the videos describe why newer harddrives are prone to dying)

    The videos suggest a few tools to use, I just use a basic software tool called Get Data Back and there are FAT or NTFS versions.

    Forgot to add before:
    Definetly DONT do this, the freezing wont hurt your drive so much, but there will be a larger buildup of condensation (i have forgotten a drive and it just so happened to work, but i didn't bet my life on it) an hour is all it needs as metal absorbs heat/cold fast and thats about all it should need. :)
  16. Let's face it, when you can buy a terabyte disc for a bit over $200, they have to building them cheaper than 7 years ago......
  17. I just happen to have a DVD with me with about 10 recovery apps on it.
    I can email you as some are only a few meg.
  18. So, how'd it go? :)
  19. well the sacrifices to IT gods over the years have paid off!

    the drive booted and ran long enough to copy all the stuff i needed to another drive....then promptly failed again 30 seconds later.

    unplugged the drive permanently now.

    So loots like i'm safe this time.

    Will be buying a new drive this week sometime...once work fixes the problem with my annual bonus

    thanks for all the offers of help...luckily not required this time.
  20. No worries... good to hear it was all good... if that drive isn't quite 3 years old, you could look at the manafacturers website to see if you can get warranty?