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IT help - External drive problems with Apple Mac

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Toecutter, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. I want to copy around 10gb of CD's from iTunes to an external drive.

    Acquired a 40gb laptop drive, bought a caddy and works fine from Windows laptop dragging folders to and from.

    However when drive is connected to the Apple, am unable to delete or drag/copy files to the drive, but can drag them from it to the desktop. The Mac runs Leopard (the upgrade/aftermarket one :? )

    Thanks in advance

    Cheers Alex
  2. The drive you have is formatted for the windows drive system, machine and some drives for some reason when formatted as ntfs using windows can be only read only on the mac.
    If possible reformat it on the mac first then it will work fine on both platforms.
  3. Thanks for the reply Smee...haven't formatted since the 3.5" diskette days

    Will give that a go
  4. If you re-format ion the MAc, wont it format in HFS, and thus not be readable by windows? :?

    Dunno for sure, just saw this happen once...
  5. So long as I can drag the file to the Windows desktop (like I can with the Mac now), then reformat for Windows - no real drama

  6. Several ways to format with the mac, just make sure it's not formatted as a mac only disk.
  7. I doesn't really matter where you format it just make sure it's formatted fat32...
  8. How'd it go alex?
  9. Yeah bloody mac's :p

    Wont ready my XDrive ;)

    I must get around to reformatting it one day.
  10. I've lent the drive out, thought it was coming back today, but looks like Monday now :oops:
  11. I have to use my 40gig external on both mac and pc, fat32 is what you want.

    If you dont have luck with that drive you can borrow mine.
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  13. So worked it out

    Firstly, Help in Apple brings nothing for "FAT32". And bugger all for "Format Disk"

    Went to "Utilities" then "Disk Utility" and made sure the disk was highlighted and clicked "Erase" and used MS-DOS FAT

    Now hopefully the songs from one iTunes will copy across to another :p

    Thanks again for all the help

    Cheers Alex
  14. Well, YOU'RE not doing much to help Australia's obesity crisis, are you? :LOL:.
  15. What version of OSX have you got there...

  16. Stigger - I was in "Finder" when I did my search :oops:
  17. Same here strange...

    Saying that it's the first time I've got anything useful out of the OSX help system... :grin:
  18. No true mac user uses the help menu.