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IT Help Broadband Help - is my lappy ready for broadband?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Hiya folks... it's about time I moved to broadband.

    I know I need the router hardware that the ISP will supply, but I was wondering whether the lappy was ready to take broadband?

    Device manager tells me I have the following LAN / network type devices:
    • 1394 Net Adapter,
      Atheros AR5001X+ wireless network adapter,
      RealtekRTL8139/810x Family fast Ethernet NIC
    So is the lappy ready to go?

    Thanks in advance.

    Found these links which compare broadband provider plans... I now have a headache!!!


  2. all you need is a usb port, or a lan port (which you have mentioned - NIC = network interface card) and you are ready to go!!
  3. Enter your home phone in at http://www.dslamwatch.com.au/ and see who it says supports your place. Paste it here and let us know how much you want to spend/quota/'extras maybe wanted?' (email accounts/free content/internet radio not counted to quota. That can be VERY handy, listening to cool tunes specialised in a genre(s) you like all day and not counting to your internet quota)

    So just state what you want here and someone will be able to give you the best options on what you should look at :)
  4. he doesnt mean post your home phone no, he means post what it says about support for your place ;)
  5. :LOL: dont confuse the issue, Rob just asked a simple question. Is his lappy set to go broadband. Im sure rob is very capable of finding the right isp for his needs.
  6. The machine is fine, it will work via a wireless router, or via the fast ethernet port.

    Just make sure it has the correct security software installed (Anti virus etc)
  7. yes you can
    use a network cable or wirless
    your laptop has both
  8. I am sure the laptop is fast enough, but what is the CPU speed and how much RAM is it running.
  9. ^This man posteth the truth.

    Go for it! Broadband rules. You'll never look back!

  10. Because you will be too busy looking at all the high-speed p0rn you will be privvy to!
  11. But that's only 98.7% of the internet.

    The other 1.3% is pretty fast too!
  12. Penis.
  13. Seeing as he said

    It looked like he might need a help with choosing ADSL providers/plans.
  14. :rofl: thx 4 ur help folks! & the laugh!

    Thanks for confirming that the lappy won't require hardware upgrades.

    I have a headache coz there are so many plan options.

    My exchange doesn't support ADSL2/2+ and my street is not cabled, so I have ADSL and wireless (Telstra only) options... i was thinking going for a 512 k speed with at least a 2G download...

    There are Coles "no frills" brand plans with peak/off peak limits with one email and no website hosting, some include excess download charges, or have shaping instead, and then there are other plans with bells and whistles, like 10emails, dial up back up, 30MB website etc for another $10 - $20/month more...

    Then some have VOIP bundles, or local/STD phone bundles...

    Then there's the modem and router options... which are cheaper if you go on a contract, with the bottom end being a hard cable single port, right up to a 4 port WiFi - which appeals, since the lappy is meant to have Wifi.


    I'm not a technophobe, but I like my dial up coz it's simple, but slow. I pay the one fee for all you can eat... the modem came with the lappy so no extra set up charges... Turn on lappy, fire up explorer, modem dials... Simple.

    I was going to wait till they rolled out the internet via your power provider... but apparently that's not coming for years, even though it's proven technology and faster than current broadband...

    Annnnyyyywayz, the lappy is a Toshiba Satellite, with an Intel Pentium 4 mobile chip 3.06GHz - so it should have the computing power.

    Now, to decide what features I need... coz 98.7% fast p0rn sounds almost worthwhile!
  15. IMHO:
    • Choose a traffic shaping plan over excess charges for download limit.
      Look for zero/minimum period contract commitment and on/off fees.
      Wireless setups give you the most freedom - just make sure you use WPA security.
      Generally it's fine to purchase your own equipment. Whether the modem is integral to the wireless router or separate, make sure it's ADSL2 ready.
  16. Yeah BPL is really not good (at least in Tas where it's being tested). EXPENSIVE and speed is so so. Pricing at http://www.tastel.com.au/bpl/price_broadband.html#anchor_power_4000 $80 for 2gb! :shock: I pay $70/mo and get about 120-140gb for ADSL2+ (Thanks to iiNet's stupid shaper :) ) I.e http://i127.photobucket.com/albums/p147/unclenormal/DSC00269.jpg
  17. Very important that you get this first point ^ rob, also I would consider going for the faster speed, honestly it is worth it.

    If you sign up for a plan with a low limit make sure that you can increase your limit as you don't know what your usage will be like, once you discover the joys of youtube, google earth and the host of "other" (not just p0rn) content, you might find yourself using 40 GB a month like we did.

    IMHO - Do not for any reason sign up with telstra for internet. This is just a general comment with many many many many reasons behind it, including but not limited to the fact that just about every other provider offers better products and/or services at better prices.

    I recomend: www.tpg.com.au or www.eftel.com.au (eftel being our isp - and the only ones that offered the service we wanted without a contract)
  18. Hi Rob, I was with IINET, however they like you to bundle their telephone services. I've moved to Internode and they have been awesome. They have broadband only plans, don't require you to bundle and are very cost competitive. Their reliability is very very good, they have good support and are still small enough to know who their customers are.

    Be aware that with the release of Telstra 8mb plans the wholesale cost of other options have decreased in price. For instance, Internode's 1.5mb plan will decrease in price to $49.95 a month from early January. Currently it is $59.95.

    I would recommend 1.5mb plans if only that it's a reasonable introduction to broadband. 512kb will seem quick compared to dialup, but once you've had 1.5mb you'd never want to go back to it, it seems SOOOOO slow. I am assured that once I've swapped to the 8mb plan anything less will seem the same. I am insanely jealous of anyone in an ADSL2+ enabled exchange.
  19. i'm with iprimus, 512k with 12gb limit.
    i bundled the housephone etc. and it costs me a hunjy or so a month (including phonecalls).

    i also have an engin powered wireless router to make std calls for 10c (www.engin.com.au definitely worth a look, save $$$$)

    when i crack the 12gb it simply reduces my speed back to dial-up so no hidden charges for extra use.

    its no longer the best deal on the market but i had to sign a contract, so im locked in. however i am very happy with their service.

    also, wireless is seriously cool....i postwhore from anywhere near my house including the cafe next door. but this one time at band camp, i noticed my downloads increased dramatically....fuggen neighbours were pinching my wifi -> initiate wpa security -> hurl abuse at ALL neighbours -> no problems after that, lesson learned ;)