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It happens just like that

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. I was in traffic on Burke Road at Camberwell and some older geeza in a silver Getz pulled up in the right lane behind traffic. I was behind him so decided that since the left lane was empty, I'd go there. I was going slowly (about 40km/h). He decided he'd also do the same thing after I'd gone except he didn't bother to turn his head. I stayed towards the left of the lane in case something like that would happen. I was going downhill and grabbed the front brake and started squeezing. I put on a bit too much back brake and felt the rear starting to drift left. It was no biggie. I got on the horn as soon as I could but he was about 4 car lengths in front of me by then (I'm not so proficient with reaching the horn since I never reach there). I kept an eye on him and he never looked in his rear vision mirror so didn't know or care than he'd come close-ish to knocking me off. As for not knowing I was there, I had to toot the horn at him at the previous set of lights because he was preoccupied with something else (looking down) rather than keeping his eyes on the road and taking off once the cars in front of him had cleared off.

    Being the selfish driver that he is, he accelerated quickly to get in front of the tram that was about 50m ahead of him in the right lane just so that he could be in front of it at the red light (Riversdale Rd). Being second in line in the left lane wasn't good enough.

    At the closest point, there was about 1.5m between my front wheel and the back corner of his car. If I'd been in the right hand wheel path it would have been scarier.

    I got a bit annoyed/angry after that and wanted to tell him what he'd done at the next set of lights. I couldn't once he'd changed lanes. I'd settled down totally after going 100m and let it go.

    On the way home along the Monash, I kept an eye in my mirrors, was going 100km/h then signalled left to go in the left lane from the middle. There was nobody there at that point. I decided to do a headcheck anyway. What do you know, a businessman type in at new Liberty accelerated from behind me and to the left and into the space that I was going to occupy. He did this in the time that it took for me to put on my indicator, wait two seconds and turn my head. After he'd cleared off, I changed lanes.

    It doesn't take much to get into trouble.

    It'd be nice if it was compulsory for people with car licenses to have to ride a motorbike for a short time (say a few months).
  2. Sounds like you did all the right things. Well done...I was told to ride as though everyone else on the road is stark, raving, unpredictably mad!
  3. ride like you are invisible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Same old argument. Do you think you should be made to drive a truck for a few months? Because many truckies think exactly the same thing about anyone who drives anything smaller than them. Just so they can understand about increased stopping distances and not cutting them off.
  5. That is so true. I was on a road ride today and signalled right to go into a turning lane and as I was almost there a commodore shot past me on the left.

    I agree with your statement about how poeple should ride a moto when they're goin for their license...maybe that'll wake poeple up to the fact that they're not invincible like they think they are in cages.
  6. When i'm teaching kids to drive theres 1 thing i drum in to there head, and i can ask them at any time even after they have there licence.

    "whats the ONE thing you have to remember when driving?".

    and they reply...

    "EVERYONE else on the road is an ass hole"

    pure and simple, people on the road are dick heads and there out to kill you.
  7. damn drivers

    Yea silly drivers... i was on my way home from work last night at the intersection of Box st and Power Rd in Doveton. I was in the cage though.. but as my light went green i did a check left and right to make sure no one was coming down the hill to run the red... no one coming so i move out and this dick head from nowhere comes screaming down the hill and through the red light at i'd estimate 120km in the 60 zone... some blue xh ute...
    damn fool passed through the intersection about 1 second after i went through..... i'm glad no one was behind me or they'd be gone..... makes me think bad things if someone had been on a bike behind me... no chance in hell
    i chucked a u turn but sadly he was nowhere to be found so i couldn't chase up his rego... so yea if you ride through this part of town watch out cause there are alot of knobs and stolen cars that fly around with no respect for anyone.

  8. Yes Gegvasco it is the same old argument but I'll take your point that not everything is possible.

    However, I don't think I should be made to drive a truck :p because I have done it (but not on the road) - haul trucks at a mine.

    Truckies who drive the right way shouldn't be canned because the skills of most of them are quite good. If they are close to you, chances are that a lot of them know it. Its not that I'm saying for people to assume that you're safe up close and next to a truck but I know that I drove my car better after I'd driven trucks. I still drive/ride either far enough behind or in front of a truck.
  9. Burke Rd, I assume your talking peak hour commuter rush, only 2 lanes and shrinking to one when you get up to the tram, traffic lights every 2 or 3 km, having to stop everytime the trams do, not forgetting avoiding those vehicles parked illegaly in the the tow away zones. Mate wake up and smell the roses. almost everybody on bloody Burke Rd drives like that. .... The aim of every motorist is to beat the tram to the next stop so you dont have to bloody stop again.

    My opinion for whats it's worth, there is only one place to be in that sort of traffic, at the front I don't know you so I can't judge your riding skills but if you are still at the nervous stage I would avoid Burke Rd like the plague.

  10. Yes, that's the spot and I was there around 6pm. Avoiding it is a fair enough comment but I'll end up in that sort of traffic on my bike sooner or later (trams + heavy suburban traffic + parked cars) and late today was it for me on Burke Road. I've smelt the roses previously but that was in my car. There's heavy traffic on the roads around where I live but there's additional hazards in the near-city areas.
  11. ^^^This is one of the most super duper golden truths you are EVER likely to read on netrider.
    It's way up there with "No-one needs a litre bike." , "It's better to be wrong & alive, than right & dead." and "That's not funny, Ktulu."
  12. Yep agree with you there mate, only place to be on Burke Rd (any road really) is at the front and as far ahead of the cagers as possible... I have to ride along Burke Rd from the freeway to Whitehorse Rd everyday before & after work in peak hour and it's crazy!! Just watch out for the constant lane changers with no indication or head checks, and be extra defensive and alert!!

    My bike's loud, and going down Burke Rd it's really loud inbetween all those buildings so the cars have no trouble seeing and hearing me coming and I make a point of that :twisted:
  13. you have L's? :cry:
    I found they were forever trying to cut in front of me
    when I had the L's on. Marginally better now.