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It had to Happen One day...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. So we have a winner of When the F#4k is that Ba$tard going to upgrade his bike competition.
    Today I put the card down and picked the keys up on an 05 YZF-R6
    So one of you lucky punters just won.
    As for the bike…
    She is still all stock. I think I may have to get something a little smaller for the pipe as the stock one has its own field of gravity, but other than that I am a very happy little camper.

  2. Yeah baby!!!!

    Nice work mate :cool:
  3. :shock:

    damn mate, i thought you were never actually going to upgrade, congrats though, can't weight to hear your thoughts on the new toy :LOL:

    for anyone that thinks there is a typo, go read and search some of FL work :LOL:
  4. Does that mean you will be cornering slower now?

    Oh, congrats and all that other stuff.
  5. well its about fargin time :shock: Congrats Jason :grin:
    Sure you didnt sell your 2fiddy to Caz :LOL:
  6. Up on the Boulevard already, I see...

    Congrats. :)
  7. :shock: Hell has frozen over!


    Lovely pick man, I've always wondered how you've lasted this long.
  8. Tis indeed a foine beastie. Quicker than my 9, too.
  9. get a fender eliminator asap!

    best thing i ever did to my r6. Amzing how much better this model look with them.

    Nice biike btw!
  10. Congrats Jase
  11. For a Little While…
    I trid getting Kaz to go for the ZZR, but I just can’t get her excited about riding… (A Bike that is)
    Personally I think the Pipe is the Bigger crime on the Bike
    I am thinking this is what it is more in need of.
  12. I believe 1/4 pounder is trying to say he is super jealous and full of joy (gayness) for you.

    Nice bike btw
  13. Congrats mate, thats a really nice looking bike!! Enjoy it!!
  14. yeehaa another 1 joins the R6 club, welcome :grin:
  15. nice, makes me wanna upgrade my 99" to a newer one!!
  16. At least now you've bought an R6 I know I'll kick your ass :p

    Seriously though, I'm stoked you finally took the plunge! Just make sure you don't brake it... I'm sure Stewy thinks the same thing too.

  17. Should be a bit quicker than the 250 :LOL:

    Congrats, mate.
  18. Probably not much really. He never did learn how to use the brakes on the ZZR. :p

    Well done. Four years old and still stock. That is an excellent find. How many Km's on it Jason?