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"It had to happen one day"..........."and it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by AF2AF3, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. After 14 months of riding and 21000 Kms, my wilder side got the better of me and went too fast into a roundabout.
    Hit a pothole in the left hand wheel track, got into a bit of a tank slapper, and clipped the left hand kerb on the exit.
    Got into an even bigger tank slapper.
    And sent the bike down the road on the left hand side.

    No damage to me. Not even a scratch. A bit sore, where my elbow and arm got pushed into the left side of my chest.

    Bike is still rideable, but looks a bit tatty.

    Broken LH mirror
    Lower LH fairing all scratched up.
    Clutch lever knob worn down but not broken.
    LH foot peg bent.
    LH engine cover scratched up, but not worn through.

    The good news: it wasn't my bike. . . . . . . . It's the one my wife rides.

    LH knee of Dririder pants worn through fabric, but not the waterproof lining.
    LH shoulder of Dririder jacket cut up, but not too badly.
    RH knuckles of thick winter gloves scratched up - go figure.
    Helmet scratched and visor scratched.

    I hit the road pretty hard, and then rolled a few times.
    Probably explains why none of the gear got worn through.
    I remember my helmet wacking the ground as I rolled,
    and thinking to myself- 'that I was glad I was wearing one'
    Lots of nice coloured sparks coming off the bike as it slid down the road

    And because the 500 is air cooled, the fairings are set out a bit further on the bike.
    This probably explains why the engine caseing faired so well.

    So that's about it.................flame away.
  2. Very few injuries to you.........until the wife discovers what you've done to her bike.

    :LOL: :eek:
  3. sorry to hear about the miss hap, but glad you are ok. but i think dale may have a point...
    lucky it wasn't the cbr.
  4. They should ban roundabouts they are just plain bloody EVIL :evil:
  5. mmmmmmmmm Justifiable homicide me thinks! If you're very lucky she'll only remove the testosterone which caused you to do this to her bike! If you don't have kids I would suggest sperm storage asap b4 she finds out!
  6. The wife's just glad I'm OK
    The bike will get fixed, good as new

    As for kids, we've got 2 boys, and the wife's been spayed
  7. im glad to hear ur ok mate. damn adelaide roads are so shit and dangerous. i was going into a roundabout at night and lucky i was going slow coz there was gravel everywhere.
    maybe you can sue the council saying that there were lots of gravel and a pot hole that made you fall. i know a guy that did that and got his money worth.
  8. Re: "It had to happen one day"..........."and

    Glad to here it was the GSXF and not the blade.

    Gee.. the number of offs I have nearly had on the gixxer... it
    could happne to anyone on Adelaide roads.

    Did you read Bens email about that guy who came off at 280 on his
    gixxer ?

  9. Snap! me too, Glad you're ok & you're very lucky to have a wife who loves you more than the bike!
  10. [quote="rootmasta"
    maybe you can sue the council saying that there were lots of gravel and a pot hole that made you fall. i know a guy that did that and got his money worth.[/quote]

    I did too ;)


    They paid me half my expenses... but I had to agree that I was riding on the
    foot path and that I wouldn't go to the press ;) (Don't you just love water tight
    agreements ;)

    Somebody once told me (I think it was the owner of GP motorcycles who fixed
    my rims), that Transport SA has a section of Engineers whose job it is to
    carefully position the manholes on the roads as to cause maximum road
    accident incidents.

    &^% wipe off five.