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It had to happen, I guess

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gorby, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Came off the bike today. No excuses was my own stupid fault.
    :( :mad:
    Came into the drive to my units. Brakes a little too hard, engine nearly died, Which in hindsight would have been better than what happened next.

    I guess for some reason I panicked, went to grab the clutch (half got it), and gave it some more revs, to stop it stalling. Problem was the clutch wasn't in far enough and the bike launched forwards, towards a wall.

    I came off the back/side (not really sure as it happened a bit quick), and the bike hit the corner of the wall.

    I'm ok, sprained my wrist and I think I've bruised my back where I landed. A lot of bruised pride and am really pissed off at myself for being so stupid.

    Looking at the bike quickly I need a new headlight and fairing, new indicators and a new front mudguard. So hopefully won't be too bad.
  2. The old 'accelerate while I'm trying to brake' trick, eh??

    Sorry to hear about the damage to self and bike. If you are in any doubt at all about your own injuries, get them checked out now, ok???
  3. Ouch
    that's gonna be expensive.
    Consider yourself lucky it was in the driveway and not on the road.
    would have looked good on funniest home videos.
  4. Yeah tell me about it. I think it was just one of those cases where I pulled into the drive switched off (in my mind) for a second, then it all went a bit pear shaped.

    Like I say though no excuses. Will ring the dealer tomorrow and see how much it's gonna cost. Thank god I got a naked bike and not a fully faired one. Cause then it would have been mega bucks, I guess.

    Oh well, it's a lesson learned. :roll:
  5. sorry gorby...but i laughed my guts out at hornet600's reply. :LOL:

    i hope you are ok.

  6. it's ok nel it brought a smile to my face too... and yes, it would have looked good on funniest home videos...
  7. Headlight and front fairing OUCH!
    The Euro makers don't miss you when it comes to parts.

    Check forks too :wink:
  8. +1

    steering head as well

    be cheaper to look at the street fighter sites, and go a sexy little headlight unit and some other bling now
    damn italians
  9. That's awful. Atleast your worst injury is your pride right?
    I'm still learning but a few scares along the way have been a big help. Each time it's like another alarm going off that I can never totally relax on a bike.
    By the way, I hope you get the Raptor back in top condition sooner than later, they're a top looking machine.
    Good luck.
  10. Thanks guys. I'll get the garage to have a look at it today. I don't think it hit that hard, and the headlight seemed to take the impact. Damn.... Why couldn't it have missed that corner on the wall, all I'd have had is scratches then.

    Oh the bruises are starting to come out, now. Ow!
  11. I did something very similar the second time I sat on a bike. Fortunately it was outdoors so I had nothing to run into and it was a 250 so I didn't get thrown off.

    All the same it was probably still funniest home videos material.

    Take care of the raptor - they're a fantastic looking bike. And get the back checked out now - sooner is always better if there's an underlying problem.
  12. A little tip for when you get mobile again.
    Go and find a deserted straight stretch of road, ride up and down for an hour and practice simultaneous throttle/brake/clutch control exercises.
    Please do not take this as a critisism, just some constructive feedback from a long time rider.
    Yeah, and streetfighter it.
  13. No offence taken Speedy. I've been riding for a while too (although only recently just started again). And as I said for some reason I just switched off in my head, as I pulled into the drive. Never happened before and definitely won't happen again.
  14. Don't feel so bad. I heard a massive rev and crunching noise from across my place on Sat night.

    Went out to find a neighbour had let his mate sit on and fiddle with his fireblade in an ajoining resident car park.

    The pinhead had twitched the throttle and dropped the clutch, launching the bike into the rear door of a parked car! :shock:

    Needless to say the owner went troppo and words were exchanged!

    Now thats a lapse of judgement!
  15. bummer!! glad your ok :grin:
  16. ooo Ouch. At least the only damage is to my own bike.
  17. It is funny how many accidents happen in the driveway :LOL: We get through the crazy cage's, taxis, trucks, terrible roads, then come unstuck in the last 10 meters. :oops: Ive twice dropped the bike at home, though no damage at all, i was very lucky. I hope it doesnt cost too much for you, mayb an insurance job???
  18. Only last weekend I leant forward trying to open a gate while still on my bike. It was raining hard and I just wanted to leave, and dropped the bike on the left. Just bent the gear lever (ZZR250) thankfully.

    But yes, I too was on a driveway :)
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  20. Should have seen my one on Saturday (actually i'm glad none of you did :LOL: )!

    Riding down a hill, traffic lights at the bottom. My mate is about 20-30m in front. Lights go yellow, i says to myself "he'll make it through easy, i'll follow" and so i proceeded to try to catch the lights (which in hindsight was incredibly stupid and very dangerous [-X :( ).
    Anyway i noticed that he had actually stopped at the lights to wait for me, and so i went for the clutch and both brakes at the same time. Prob was i grabbed a handful of throttle as well :shock: .
    I'm sure you can picture it - bike at ~16,000rpm, rear locked up and fishtailing, me desperately fighting to take control of the bike. In the end i let everything go (except the bars of course!) and re-applied the brakes, sliding to a stop a few meters in front of my mate over the intersection line. :facepalm:
    I'm sure the cagers in the right lane enjoyed the spectacle :oops: ,
    i hope my mate didn't see any of it :-w :-$