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It had to happen - $213 & 3 points hit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ghibli, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. Well, it had to happen. Going back to work at lunchtime & running late (I am a volunteer counsellor two lunchtimes at week) got clocked by this police person doing 83 in a 60 zone on Canberra Avenue. I explained the reason for going fast hoping for some understanding, but normally none is to be had from such individuals, and so it was. First speed ticket in over 30 years of riding & driving. This person handed over the ticket and walked away without saying a word. This incident has highlighted my problems with too many things to do in so little time, so as a result I have now permanently quit the volunteer counsellor position. Life is tough.
    Cheers :cool:

  2. You were doing more than 20km/h over the speed limit... what did you expect? Should busy people have a special exemption from the road rules? I wish.
  3. No. Just me :)
  4. Well at least your not 2 months into a 6 months licence suspension... :( :(
  5. write to what ever your equivilant to the RTA/SDRO is, highlight your clean driving record, explain why you were speeding (its not like you were street racing) and you should get a warning. the coppers attitude is pretty typical for AFP...

    by the way i think you post will be either deleted or moved to law/politics section shortly..
  6. I hate it when they dont even say a word. All that says to me is it truly is about the money...
  7. Oh FFS! Now I've heard it all. If anything this comment proves you blokes haven't got a fcuking clue. You're as bad as a politician saying something purely because he knows it is popular. If a copper does anything, it is all about revenue raising apparently. Maybe the copper could have been a real smart ass, and then he would have been branded an asshole. Or if he was nice about it, then your logic would be that he didn't agree with the fine but because he has to meet the revenue raising targets, he still had to give the fine.

    Jesus Christ! Bloke doing 83 in a 60, get's booked, and the fact the copper doesn't say anything apparently proves it is just revenue raising. Then at what point does a speeding infringement actually mean something? 30 over? 45 over?
  8. Yeah 45 over get's my vote :p
  9. Cops will ask a question on the side of the road, which is designed to trick you into admitting guilt of the offence.

    They often don't say anything else since experience shows that a belligerant combative conversation ensues shortly after.

    20km/h over, is well above discretion margins that might get a warning.

    You may need to Cop it sweet Ghibli.

    An exhouse mate of mine was a drug and alcohol crisis counsellor who had a special permit/dispensation that allowed to speed under very strict circumstances... *shrug* even she'd get booked going BACK to work...
  10. where abouts on canberra ave did this happen ghibli?
  11. I'm normally happy to argue with Gegvasco :p , but he's totally correct. 23kmh over the limit is definitely worth 3pts. Come to Victoria and you can collect points for 63 in a 60....

  12. Anything under 150 over MAY get me into trouble.

    Can we make the fines start at +150?

  13. Speeding at anytime on Canberra Avenue is a big no no. I've seen quite a people pulled over alongside it, must be a favorite haunt of the cops.
  14. Go easy, im just saying thats the way i interperet it...

    You dont find it rude for a copper to not say a single word? Id personally at least like to hear " Hi mate, Im(Insert rank/name) weve clocked you at 83 back there in the 60 zone. Obviously thats somewhat dangerous given the road conditions. The offence carrys a $213 fine and 3 demerit points, any info you need is on the ticket. Any questions? No? Well keep it under the limit ay, keep yourself and others safe. Have a nice day"

    Thats all. Abit of interaction, explanation and justification.
  15. Oh and when does a speeding ticket actually mean something?

    To me its nothing to do with the numbers more the road conditions... Ive had two fines for 53 in a 50 zone(or 1km over after radar) Which is utter bullshit. Also various other fines under 10ks over...

    Ive been done for 40kms over on a completely abandoned straight(excluding the coppers hiding in the bushes) Again various other highway mostly under 20)

    And ive been done for 15km over in a suburban street. This to me is the one that is justified. Lapse of judgement, busy street, kids around etc etc. The rest i believe were within the road conditions.

    I also understand that the law is the law and its their job to enforce it. I just dont agree with it. If you dont think alot of it is about the money your kidding yourself :?
  16. Well then why immediately blame it all on revenue raising if you don't think that is the issue? Everyone whinges about how sick to death they are of hearing the "Speed Kills" message, well I am sick to death of hearing the "Revenue raising" message.
  17. ? I do think thats the issue at its heart. Im not going to argue with you because basically we have two different views and as it stands nothing we say will change either view.

    By the way i dont particually like your comment that "us blokes dont have a fcuking clue and what i wrote proved it" What the fcuk is that suppose to mean anyway?
  18. these threads are funny
    i was speeding and i got caught! boo f** hoo
    you wonder why cops did not say a word- in a day where every thing a cop says can be used against him unless its perfect- all that public protection bulls**t that cops are baiting people
    you know you are speeding and regardless if you are 1km/h over or 100km/h over- you broke the law and got caught- its crap i know
    so i suggest you go home and have a nice strong cup of HARDEN the F*ck up!
    peace out :cool:
  19. How's this for a crazy idea? If you don't want a fine and points, don't speed.
    Works for me!
    Had an idea...imagine if no one sped for say six months. No tickets, no fines.
    Do you reckon the governments would start looking elsewhere for revenue, and if so, where?
    Do you think we as a society are disciplined enough to pull that off, to make the government hurt?

    Regards, Andrew.
  20. speeding is speeding
    speeding is illegal
    speeding carries with it concequences and repercussions - IF caught..

    Thats why those of us that do it do it. Don't be a cry baby.. its even obvious to the naked eye if someone is doing 23k's over what the rest of the traffic is doing.

    What would you like the officer to have said? An explination? You were 23k's over the limit on a suburban street! that's like 38% over the limit.. in front of everyone..
    Don't Cry :) lucky you didn't get your bike confiscated or anything. Write a letter maybe you'll get away with it