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IT Geek Advice Needed Xbox - PC

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Doggy, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Hey there, I'd like to play my x-box on my 19" LCD PC monitor. My wife would like the TV back (sorry dear!) and I'd still like to play the "Box".

    Is it possible to get some sort of splitter thing? RCA plugs + VGA cable etc? I got one off e-bay a year ago and the bloody thing didn't work, it was black and white and the picture rolled. My x-box is chipped so I don't know if it's an NTSC / PAL thing or what. The splitter I bought was supposed to handle both NTSC and PAL and was supposedly designed for LCDs.

    Anyone got one that actually works or know someone who does?

    Or how to do it a different way that works.


    (About to get banished to the shed with an old telly) :p
  2. there is a composite /s video to monitor cable avaliable from jaycar these are dirt cheap.... pal and ntsc refresh rates will be 90% certain supported by the monitor if you use a vga adaptor / R-G-B S-video or composite to vga cable... comes up as analouge imput when you turn on your monitor...

    have fun... what are you playing at the moment?
  3. If you're LCD has an RCA input, it should run fine. Check what PAL refresh rate you're running, though it could also be a resolution issue
  4. Yes, those syptoms are typically an NTSC signal sent to a PAL only TV, was there a swich to set for NTSC or PAL, or maybe you were trying to play a game copied/imported from overseas that was an NTSC signal.

    I think TV's normally run 640 x 480 resolution (i think), do you have a CRT monitor you could test it on?
  5. No my PC monitor does not have RCA inputs only VGA? I think I'll just buy a cheap LCD TV 50cm ish and have done with it. I'm sure I can pick up one with less fuss then trying those conversion boxes again. Woolworths were selling LCD TV's for $399 (51cm) so it shouldn't be hard. What sort of MS rate is needed for an X-box so it dosen't look crap? My PC monitor is 8ms and I've never noted any problems.