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It finally happened.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. I was standing next to a very nice, late nineties CBR-600F, remarking to its owner (who I didn't know), that it had been the donor engine (detuend) for my bike.

    "Which one's that?" he asked.

    I pointed to the blue Hornet.

    "You're not THE Hornet, are you???"

    :oops: well, yes, actually.
  2. i know around the pie shop when i stop on my rides i wonder at the hornets, is that the hornet? never easy to identify a fellow NR in the crowds there
  3. You can't miss mine, it's got a kiss from the Pass on the left side of the tank :(.


    Yes, I know, that's the right side, I don't have any pictures of the left, for obvious reasons.

    The rider in question, waedwe, comes from Moss Vale, his CBR-600F is black and immaculate...
  4. Finally, you are famous, Paul.
  5. Phew! I thought you were coming out of the closet!

  6. MVRog said:
    He's world famous in Wollongong
  7. I always suspected you'd acheive celebrity status Paul :wink:
    OOps I mean 'THE Hornet " :p
  8. Nonono...

    From now on it's The Hornet. :LOL:
  9. I dunno, I was up at the pie shop talking to an (IR) rider a couple of weeks ago and they didn't know of you Paul...
  10. They will soon
  11. IR is a lot smaller than NR, but even then I have neither met all the members, or ridden with them.....
  12. Yes, but I'm sure like NR, most have heard of you ;)
  13. It is easy and cheap too. Only cost you $5 for a number plate surround that can be bought from the online store over there <------------
  14. Corrected .. thanks mate :wink:
  15. And I wear mine with PRIDE :)

  16. It's easy to identify The Hornet going up Mac Pass......You see a flash of blue as he rides off into distance :shock:
  17. :LOL: Nothing like a quick plug
  18. Hmm, I dunno. If the police start to notice that they are booking ALOT of riders with this NR thing on their bike it may attract some unwanted attention to the site...

    Which means that in my case we are all better off if I DONT get one... :oops:
  19. I hate to admit it, but the bike still has the number-plate surrounds of the dealer I bought it from nearly 4 years ago, (along with a couple of stickers that Garfield put on it when I was down in Melbourne last.).

    But as far as the recognisability of the bike is concerned, it is the only Hornet in the country fitted with UK-Made Rentec engine protection bars, and probably the only Hornet in the country with the original rear mudguard still in place :LOL:.
  20. Compliance mudguards are a shocker, aren't they? :LOL: