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It finally happened

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Rented, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Hi all,
    Yesterday, I got SMIDSY'd by a little old woman in a green Hyundai Excel.

    I was in a roundabout, turning right, when in my peripheral vision I noted that the car;

    a. Wasn't slowing.
    b. Crossed into the intersection.
    c. Took me out.

    She wasn't even in range of consideration when I entered the roundabout (I think there was another car in front of her that she says 'she just followed the other car through', but she wasn't even close to that car). That might have been my mistake.

    Luckily I didn't brake, or I would have ended up running into the side of her car or she would have taken out my front wheel. Instead, I tried to accelerate but I didn't get far, and I was hit on the rear 2/3 of the bike, there is car paint from the engine cover all the way back to the end of the swingarm. There is also car paint on my left boot, but the footpeg was completely snapped off and that probably saved my foot.

    Basically, I was dead in front of her when it happened and I don't think she even braked.

    Because I was hit on the aft end of the bike, I was knocked clear and only suffered cuts and bruises. I was wearing Draggins and they've not even popped a stitch, and the jacket has a little bit of scuffing. However, I will be stiff and sore for a few days.

    I'm hoping that the insurer will write the bike off given that the frame, engine and swingarm took a hit - I'm not sure I'd trust them if they said it was straight. Other than that the damage looks repairable - although the right side also took a lot of damage when it landed.

    The worst part is that in the last few months I've added braided brake lines, Pazzo levers, and a Yoshi R-77 slip on, and I hadn't gotten around to declaring it to the insurer....bugger.
  2. Bad luck rented. Glad you could walk away.

    Here's hoping that the Insurers will come to the party.
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  3. Sorry to hear that, had a SMIDSY this morning also. Managed to slow down enough to avoid him. Glad that you weren't hurt hope you get the bike sorted soon.
  4. Glad you are mainly ok. Still make sure you get checked out if you have not as yet.
  5. Glad your OK rented. Make sure you get yourself checked out by a doctor.

    I've been meaning to post something about round abouts. They have a rather large design flaw in that quite often the common route of passage has to give way to the rarer route of passage. The problem with this is that If someone drives the same round about every day and no one ever comes through the rarer route it becomes habit to not check properly.

    To give an example I have 2 roundabouts with this problem on my route home. They are both the same set up but I approach them from different sides. They both are T intersections that consist of an arterial road going across the top of the T with a minor road coming up the stem. The first I approach from the left branch to go down the bottom stem. The cars coming from the right branch normally come through this every day without giving way. So I have more than numerous occasions where I haven't been seen. Not presuming right of way is vital for survival. And basically I time my run through the intersection by either speeding up so no one is coming through the right stem while I make the turn or slowing right down so if someone fails to see me I can stop in time. It have saved my skin on more than a number of occasions.

    The second round about I am coming out of the bottom of the T and moving to the right. This creates a huge problem with the people coming out of the left of the T not expecting me and failing to give way. Again same strategy, time my run or slow right down. There is a further problem with the people coming up the right branch and exiting the left branch obscure the vision of the people coming from the left stem.

    But basically never assume right of way in a round about.
  6. I have a hate hate relationship with round abouts they are evil and should be put against the stake and burnt
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  7. Sounds like the bike is toasted Rented. Glad you're okay.

    Smileebloke .............. i have no idea what you're talking about ;)
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    Glad you are OK Rented, as others have said worthwhile getting yourself checked by a doctor just in case you have later issues and need to make a 3rd party claim.

    The law is you give way to those in the roundabout so legally you should be Ok with the claim against her. A reminder to us all though you can be 100% in the right and still come off worse.

    I generally throw in the Magic Roundabout in Swindon UK when discussion comes to roundabouts. :)

  9. Hey everyone, thanks for the well-wishes. There was a doctor at the scene and she wasn't concerned. She told me I would be sore for a few days. Nothing broken, and other than the soreness nothing hurting in any joint or breathing or peeing or pooing so all good.

    As for the claim, yes I am not concerned about that. She did try to say 'You go so fast on those things' but I simply said 'I was just getting lunch, and it's a roundabout'. I don't think there will be a problem.

    As for the bike, I hope it's toasted, like I said. I really do. Funnily enough, my company rents a floor from the insurer's corporate building....I wonder if I can generate a few contacts ;)
  10. It'll be interesting to see what the insurance offer you the bike back for after the claim. Could be a fun/cheap track bike for you if its straight.
  11. People don't look in roundabouts. some are stupidly designed. Never assume you will be seen.

    Always be careful especially if you are not doing what everyone else is doing. I.e getting on or off at a minor road.
  12. yep, with you now Mate ................. (Where's that smiley with the fishing rod gone!)
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  13. Go and put the standard parts back on it , glad your ok
  14. If the bike is a total loss and parts aren't going to be covered, you make arrangements to remove the aftermarket parts from the bike.

    Why would OP then put OEM parts on a damaged bike which will no longer be his?! Makes no sense. Either keep or sell instead of giving them to some insurer for no gain.

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  15. Hey, I was just gonna ask if they wanted the bits and them give it all to them in a box, assuming they write it off.
  16. Rented, sorry to hear about the prang. Thank goodness you're mostly ok.

    You were hit on your left hand side yes? Was she entering the roundabout from your left or from the opposite oncoming side?
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    Yes, and she was entering the roundabout from the left of where I was at the time of collision, after I had turned almost the full 90 degrees to the right.

    In other words, if I had gone straight, we would have simply passed each other in opposite directions (but we would have passed just before she actually entered the roundabout).

    Like I said, I don't think she even braked. It was so fast, yet it happened in slow motion....

  18. The street she was on and the street you were on, were they high or low traffic flow? I'm guessing she was on the major road and would have to give way very very rarely when passing through the round about.
  19. No, it's the entrance to a Woolworths, it's a very small roundabout and people are shooting in and out constantly. I would say that during the day like when I was there, people are using the main road and Woolworths entry/exits almost constantly, with the entry/exit opposite Woolworths rarely used. She was going on the main road and I was turning into Woolworths.
  20. Ok I'm starting to picture it. The other question is was there any car in the roundabout before you got there that passed between you and them obscuring get vision?