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It finally happened... stupid cager

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. It finally happened, I've been in a situation on the road that made me want to want to go up and bust someone's mirror off.

    After leaving work in Melbourne CBD I cruised down William St, heading towards the yarra. Stopped at the lights at Flinders Street at the front of the queue in the right lane next to a chick in a new silver corolla.

    Lights go green and I head across Flinders and under the rail bridge. For those of you who know this bit of road, it has a very tight convex left then a more gentle curve right. As I start to lean into the turn, the b@#ch in the cage comes completely into my lane without indicating, inches from my front wheel.

    I checked the left lane (nothing coming) and leant as hard as I could into the turn, pulling off a right-angle turn into the left lane, taking some serious metal off my left peg. I straightened up and took the right, before pulling up at the lights waiting to turn right into Queens Bridge Road.

    While catching my breath I looked in my mirrors and saw the stupid cow had ended up behind me, back in the left lane! I was wishing she'd pulled up next to me because there would have been words.

    Then while I was still trying to work out what the f&@k she'd been doing the lights went green, and the sl@g had the audacity to honk me!

    Needless to say I'm FUMING!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Here's a pic of the road in question:
  2. Nuclear weapons are the answer.
  3. Didn't catch the question, but violence is the answer. :p

    Beyond caring about people who cut me off, I just ride defensively all the time, I'm either looking at the drivers face in the rear view mirror (about a metre clear), or I'm level with the passenger/driver door (peripheral vision) [as for my mirror rule, the "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you" sticker comes to mind]

    That, and a quick-release jimmey bar (demolition bar) strapped to the frame...
  4. You should of just sat there and waited for the light to go Orange and then gone through :)
  5. Re: It finally happened... stupid mole.

    no, no. just give her a penny.

    :LOL: :wink:
  6. Re: It finally happened... stupid mole.

    Don't let teh fact that she wasn't beside you stop you (Especially after the honking)
    Just put it in nutral put the stand down and walk over to have a chat.
    It is amazing how peoples attitudes change when they have a biker leaning on there car looking through there window.
  7. What a dumb ar$e!! :mad:
    Sometimes I wish I were an undercover cop on a bike so I can book people like this!!
  8. Re: It finally happened... stupid mole.

    :LOL: Can just picture some beligerant little P plater suddenly shitting them selves as a biker walks towards their window :shock:
  9. Were gonna need some bigger fridge magnets!
  10. Re: It finally happened... stupid mole.

    They could make a mastercard ad out of that.........

    P Plater moron drifting into other lane and grazin motorcycle - $600
    New mirror for P plater Moron after immediate removal by Rider - $400
    The look on the P - Platers face when the Rider wallks over to the car and 'politely' knocks on their window.... Priceless :twisted: :twisted: [-X :rofl:
  11. Should have put the bike on sidestand and given her an earful.
  12. I have hopped off the bike and given a guy an earful....makes other people wonder WTF is going on. It's very satisfying :twisted:
  13. Move along nothing to see here, this is going to happen to you heaps on the road mate, ya have to get used to it or end up losing your mind and or marbles. We need to be alert and ride like you drive in Sydney, ie assume that someone is going to fill any gap or move without indicators. motorbikes are hard to see.

    Anyway close call and you survived all good. :grin: :grin:
  14. My response is:

    1) wait till orange
    2) give them the finger
    3) drive through just before red.
  15. I recently had a guy in a Mazda three object to me filtering. I took off from the lights, got what I thought was a fair distance away & as I merged this headlamp appeared in my vision to my left.

    I look across & he was gobbing off big time, I threw him the wanker & roosted off into the sunset.

    Well didnt this wind him up, next merge lane onto the main road & he was up my arse again so I stood up, patted my ares & slipped across into the bus lane.

    He was stuck in the traffic.

    Made me feel better anyway. :p
  16. You are joking arent you?
  17. clearly you need a sawn-off shotgun holder for your bike.

    BTW be careful under queensbridge. theres a fairly large shiny metal plate on the left lane heading towards crown from city that's slippery. And going the other way, theres a red light camera.
  18. This is why it pays to wear good steal cap boots :LOL:

    been there,done that, the pharkers don't do it again!
  19. I agree. It's important if you can to let the people know what's happening / happened, so they become aware of it and be more cautious in future, but immediatly let go of it. I usually don't even bother to honk anymore (mind you I've not been caught off guard in a long time - if one assumes it's going to happen, it's easy to avoid when it does...usually, I can't speak for this particular incident).
  20. I tell you what - something really has to be done with these f---king cagers who don't give a f--k. I was riding down Kingston Rd in Heatherton and as you get close to the lights in Warrigal Rd it turns from 70 to 60. Anyway, found myself in the right hand lane with a di--d right up my ass. As I don't want to lose any points I wanted to slow down so looked at my left mirror saw a white cage about 3 car lengths behind so put on indicator so then said cager decides he does not like me to merge in front of him so speeds right up, I’m in my merge maneuver so I'm now forced to get back but fu--head behind me is so close that he is almost touching me. Anyway, normally I'm cool about this sort of stuff but in this case I absolutely lose it - I manage to merge behind white cage and he puts on left indicator to turn into the new development just behind the nursing home so I'm planning to do a bit of a dance with said cager and now he knows it and is sh--ing bricks - drives through the red lights with me close on his tail (not that close that he will stuff me up) anyway followed him through a couple of roundabouts which he went over in his panic but by this time reason overtook me (thank God as I'm not really that kind of person) so I turned off and left. Why the HELL should this happen to me when I'm having such a great time riding my baby and feeling free. Damn gager di--heads.