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VIC IT & Ecommerce Manager - Peter Stevens

Discussion in 'Employment' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. Peter Stevens Motorcycles is currently recruiting for an IT & Ecommerce Manager for our retail group. Peter Stevens Motorcycles comprises 8 retail store locations and employs approximately 500 staff dealing with 18 motorcycle brands.

    Peter Stevens Motorcycles are proactively developing their online retail presence and seek the services of a professional that is experienced in IT or web development.

    A background in the motorcycle industry is preferred, but is not essential. If you are high caliber candidate with a proven track record in an allied industry, your application will be highly regarded. Your business acumen is more important to be sucessful in this role.

    Skills required:
    - It is expected you will have strong project management experience in an IT environment preferably with ecommerce or web development experience.
    - Able to lead by example and work with a large diverse team. Direct reports include 6 staff in web, database and ecommerce development.
    - A knowledgeable and pro-active approach in the latest web development practices is expected.
    - Excellent time management skills.
    - Professional written and oral communication skills.
    - Professional customer service approach.
    - Strong analytical skills.
    - Familiarity with databases and networking is an advantage.
    - Strong Microsoft Office skills particularly with Excel.
    - Knowledge of motorcycle brands presently retailed by PSM is expected as you will be managing the representation of these brands through ecommerce.

    An excellent remuneration package is on offer to the right candidate.

    This position is based at our head office in Melbourne CBD.

    Confidentiality assured on all enquires.

    Please forward all applications to;
    Paul Chiodo
    Peter Stevens Motorcycles
    339 Elizabeth Street
    Melbourne Victoria 3000

    Phone: 03 9602 5833
  2. This position hasn't been filled, There has been some interviews conducted, but didn't find somebody suitable yet.
  3. anyone found for this??
  4. Damn if only it was in Sydney
  5. I am going to call them tomorrow and see :p
  6. Is this really a job post from 2012, or is the system clock wrong?
  7. Damn, if only I was a high calibre candidate from an allied industry with a proven track record!
    But I'm not.
  8. This original post really is that old so anyone contacting the might end up seeming like a bit of a knob.

    But then they might get offered something else so more power to them

  9. So they'll fit right in immediately and be promoted instantly. No. Questions. Asked.
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  10. lolz yeah I noted it and didn't bother as my time settings were wrong lol I had a good laugh when I saw it - hence didn't bother
  11. Bingo BitMan !
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