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It doesn't matter what you ride

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Fa1c0n, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Can I see chicken strips on the tyres? :p
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  3. Love that!!
  4. BWM 1000 - $21k
    Honda 1000 - $15k....

    I think I should get the Honda.
  5. Gold.

    You idiot.
  6. uploadfromtaptalk1401619844794.

    Quick I need a yamaha fan boy to pose!
  7. So, you getting the BMW or Honda??
  8. you'll spend the $6K and more getting the honda to somewhere near the bmw's level of quality, handling and sophistication (ie quick shift, traction control, quality suspension etc)
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    Get an SP fireblade, stuff the BMW troglodytes. BTW there's yet to be a review that states the Honda is somehow lackluster in the handling department. Just the BMW caters for all the pseudo riders who rely on electronics to ride a bike.

    Plus you know you want the Honda, it takes the guess work out of the fact that you might have received the one in three BMW with major problems, pretty piss poor quality right there
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  10. Under no circumstance would I ever again consider a honda......:eek::poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:
  11. Hey Mike, did you have a problem with a Honda? IMHO Honda make a great quality product for the price. Although I prefer Kawasaki, I don't know anyone that had a problem with a Honda. I couldn't justify the $6k premium for the BMW over the Honda. Some items on the Beemer are cheap quality on a premium bike. And rumours I've heard are that they have reliability and quality controll issues.
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  12. Moreso their attitude toward the problems that finally did it....

    That's all that will be said about it...I have moved on, and they are 1 customer poorer
  13. I get it, hope you are as happy with your Kawasaki as I am with mine.
  14. Thought this might fit here.
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  16. It really doesn't matter what you ride. It's what you can afford to buy, look after and own, and most importantly enjoy. If you look around enough, you can always find someone that has a horror story with every bike ever made.