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It died on me! :( fuel problems?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by nooneuknow, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,
    Been a while! Wondering if anyone can shed some light on an unfortunate incident I experienced on my baby (zzr250) yesterday.
    Ill set the scene:

    So im cruising home, and out of nowhere, the engine starts to strain...felt like it did when i ran outta petrol, but I have fuel.
    I push it (more on throttle) but it wont go past 6-7000 revs...its really struggling. I slow down at lights and she dies.
    I push it round the corner - she wont restart - its trying, but wont spark.
    I played w/ the fuel switch (its always on the 'ON' position - should it be on 'PRI'? Ive never had a manual and its never had issues before???)

    Anyway, got it started on PRI, but theres nearly full tank of fuel.
    Im thinking maybe blockage in fuel line? but dont know much bout it.
    Im not a very mechanically minded gal, and try to keep the baby looked after (get it serviced every 6 months - last was only a week ago!!!)
    Havent been able to talk to mechanic yet.

    any ideas? possible solutions?

    Thanks - sorry for the essay!

  2. fuel c0ck. check the vacume hose (that the correct term..) is connected to the fuel c0ck as well as the fuel line.
  3. When you are cranking it, (hold the starter for a while)
    Are you getting fuel out of the carbie overflow?

    If not, you have a fuel blockage somewhere.
    Check: Fuel lines. Carbie’s may need a clean or are out of sync.

    If yes, then the problem is probably electrical.
    Check: Battery, Leads & Sparkplugs.

    Failing this, get it looked at professionally.

    I am not a mechanic, but I had a similar problem with my ZZR,
    And was told this when it happened to me.
  4. Did you have a reserve position on the fuel tap?
  5. "PRI" stands for "prime," which should only be used when you've run out of fuel and need to switch to reserve.

    Supposedly it may cause engine fire (according to the manual), but it's probably only likely when you ride your bike hard.
  6. your fuel switch has pri on and res position i assume.

    pri is overriding the spring, in the fuel c0ck providing fuel directly to the carbies.

    if the vacume tube is disconnected the fuel c0ck spring wont open, starving the bike of fuel. it is most likely that when they serviced your bike, they took the tank off, and just didnt resecure the other little tube. or it came loose over a bit of time.
  7. +2 on the fuel tap vacuum issue exact same problem happened with my gpx after i did a carb balance. forgot the fuel tap on off and it started to loose power then pulled over and it stalled and wouldn't start. till opened the tap.

    i know yours is on 'on' but sounds like fuel starvation.