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It didn't hurt as much as I thought...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Noticibly F.A.T, May 18, 2008.

  1. Had my first off today...

    In north geelong, heading towards melbourne.
    Where the 3 lanes split in to 2....

    I was in the center lane, the right lane is the lane that ends.
    2 cars sped past me in the right lane, and tried to merge in about 6 cars ahead of me.

    Caused everyone to slow, so we all slowed to about 40 - 50km/h (this was an 80 zone mind you)
    Then there mustn't have been enough room, because everyone stopped all of a sudden.
    I grabbed too much front (road was slightly damp), put a tiny scratch on the car infront before i lunched it in to the bitumen.
    Bloke infront stopped and bloke behind me stopped so i wouldn't get run over

    Pick the bike up, and what was left of my ego, and wheeled it off to the side of the road.

    Grabbed his details (guy i scratched) and he got mine, no idea who is gonna do what here. Both of us technically arn't at fault, but it goes on me cause i was behind him, therefor i hit him, therefor my fault...

    Here are the pics...






    Just wondering if its worth going through insurance? Excess is $500. Insured for market value ($5000 they said, only had insurance for 3 months)


    Helmet (replaceable under insurance)
    Right foot peg and rear brake plate snapped (see pic)
    Right fairing totally scratched and scrapped the to all hell
    Steering bent (bike still starts and rides fine, steering is just crooked. Doesn't wobble)

    I probably hit the road going about 40km/h

    I'm fine. Few grazes. Had my leather jacket (no plastics though), draggin camo's and tackie dacks underneath them, KBC helmet, rays outdoors balaclava (it was cold), and Nike Air Basketball boots (always use em).

    So yeah, reckon its worth going through insurance? Or just get a new plate, straighten the steering, and put up with a scratched fairing?
  2. That's when you should have started to put more room between you and all the losers in front.

    You can claim insurance anytime; just say you chucked it down the road in single vehicle accident or something... do this just before you sell it, so it's all mint and stuff.

    It's just a 250 you're going to sell anyway. Keep ridin' with your scars and tell the story proudly how you slid under an 18-wheeler while assisting to foil a bank-robbery!
  3. Hasn't been a good week for people in Geelong with ZZR-250's, has it?

    My thread is around somewhere, and I did a pretty similar thing. Lowsided when some idiot cut me off.

    Main thing is you're fine. It's goddamn scary hitting the road for the first time, glad to hear you had all the gear on and walked away. Any injuries? My wirst still aches like a biatch, hate to think what it would be like if I didn't have my SP1's with wristguards on.

    That first second you hit the bitumen is the most scary, every instinct in your mind screams "GET OFF THE ROAD RIGHT NOW", I rolled myself straight away into a gutter, that just happened to be overflowing with water :?

    Mine copped similar fairing damage to yours, just on the opposing sides. I'm not gunna bother getting it fixed until after tax, and even then it won't be getting a respray. It is after all a learner bike, and although I hate saying it, odds are this won't be the first time I come off.
  4. Wait and see if the car in front puts in a claim - you might well find it's worth going through insurance just because that'll cover the lot.

    Even if you're happy to pay for the car, the helmet's a few hunjy... Weigh up the costs including premium increases before you make a decision. The bike will likely be fine, it sounds like your forks are twisted, try loosening the triples one side at a time.

    IF your'e gonna fix it yourself, get a new footpeg bracket, it'll be cheap and easy to fit. Bugger the fairings, it's no biggie. If you want a hand, and can get the bike to melb, give us a yell. I'll be in anglesea at the end of the month if you haven't done anything by then.
  5. Cheers loz

    Yeah, helmet is $250
    New plate...? No idea.. Maybe $150? I can replace myself..

    What on earth a tripples?!??? lol

    Sorry i got no clue!
  6. That's an expensive-looking list consdiering the low speed of the off. The helmet will not be covered by insurance under any circumstances; that would only be covered if someone hit you.
  7. I'd say it'd go against you, since you lost control of your bike.

  8. I think he has conceded that point.
    To the Op just wait and see what the other driver charges you, and as for your bike get it assessed at a bike shop before you decide you can fix most stuff yourself as your premiums will go through the roof.
  9. The guy in front may choose not to pursue it anyway, if the damage to his car is a slight as you say. Either way, in NSW if neither of the vehicles required towing, or no-one was injured, the Police wouldn't get involved.

    {Yeah, I know, it's different in Victoria???}
  10. The triple clamps are the bits that hold the forks to the steering head. They're called triple clamps because each one has three holes in it, two for the forks and one for the steering stem.

    If the forks are twisted, you can loosen the triple clamps with the front wheel elevated and they should pop back into line. If the forks are BENT, then you need to get them straightened or the tubes replaced.

    If the crash was big enough to munt your forks, you've probably done the bearings in the steering head too... So yeah, somebody needs to look at it before you make any decisions on whether you go through insurance or not. Like I say, if you can get it into town, I'm happy to give it a once-over and help you put together a list of parts and jobs that'll need doing.
  11. off topic...but do you call your bike B1 or B2?
  12. The insurance i have covers a replacement helmet and $200 for replacement gear for ANY claim :)

    Thanks Loz.... I think i'll take it to the bike shop and get a quote....
  13. I call it B1...

    Thats actually in my MSN name... lol One of my friends pointed it out, so its B1 :)
  14. i've been reading on forums u've just got that bike too hey, what a shame. dont worry about bike, as long as you are good, that thing can be replaced.

    going for my learners this week i am going to histerical arghhh wet roads..
  15. Same here Paul. No injury and no unknown 3rd party then no coppers required or no report needed.
  16. Yeah, i've only had it for about 3 months :(

    Ah well... These things happen. And i've learned from it....

    Ok, had a look at the steering. Pretty sure i've just put the alignment out, so that should be an easy fix. MIGHT need new headstem bearings, but they were on the way out anyways.

    That plate i snapped is $125 from a wreckers, so thats no biggie
    Then there is just the fairing... which i might just leave, or have a go at repairing myself... Its just scratched, so just needs a sand, prime, and paint :)

    Shouldn't be too bad
    Oh, steering will be fixed by a mechanic. I'll get him to chuck the plate on too.
  17. Sorry to hear that you had an Off N.F.A.T, were you on your way to the Daylesford ride? If so you missed a good ride as you can probably tell from that thread.

    Damage doesn't appear so bad, If you were going to leave the crack around near the blinker light I would check that the supporting bracket for the fairing isn't fixed to that area otherwise vibration will crack that further. You can get those type of cracks plastic welded so that maybe worthwhile even if you weren't going to fix the paint work.

  18. that bike was desperatley in need of a respray anyway. nows your chance.

    it happens to everyone. just make sure you learn from it
  19. nope, As he said insurance will cover gear even if it's your fault. (I'd check out your policy if it's not covered)
  20. Just to be clear, there is no technicality, you ran up teh back of another vehicle, it is entirely your fault. You've learnt from it though, which is good!
    It doesn't matter what was ahead, you should have had sufficient braking distance.
    Try looking several cars ahead of you when riding in traffic, keep an eye on what a car two or three ahead is doing. You will notice if teh car immediately in front of you changes it's distance from you, of if the brake lights come on using your peripheral vision.
    One of teh biggest mistakes people make when driving in traffic is solely concentrating on teh car in front of them.

    Regards, Andrew.