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IT books for sale

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Knightrider, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. Seeing as how there are so many IT geeks on this forum, and seeing as how my flatmate no longer wants a selection of IT books, I have compiled the following list of books for sale. Flatmate would like $20 for each book. Excellent condition. If anything takes your fancy, PM me and I shall arrange all. Most recent publication date at the top of the list.

    Quark Xpress for Windows & Macintosh - 2004 edition
    Quicken Quickbook Authorised Guide – Speed Series – 2003 edition
    Quicken Quick Books Authorised Guide – 2003 edition
    PostgreSQL – 2003 edition
    From Java toC# - 2003 edition
    Java 2 – Primer Plus – 2003 edition
    Java Oracle Database Development – 2003 edition
    Borland JBuilder – Developer’s Guide (including cd) – 2003 edition
    Mac OX X Advanced – 2003 edition
    Cocoa Recipes fro Mac OS X – The Vermont Recipes – 2003 edition
    Adobe InDesign 2.0 – 2002 edition
    Python Web Programming – 2002 edition
    Digital Design Essentials (including cd) – 2002 edition
    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Programming Basics – 2002 edition
    .NET Enterprise Design with Visual Basic .NET & SQL server 2000 – 2000 edition
    Introduction to Programming Using Java – Java 2 Update – 2000 edition
    Implementing SAP R/3 – 2000 edition
    Java – How To Program (including cd) – 2000 edition
    Windows NT (3.5) Unleashed – Second Edition – 1995 edition
    All about Administering NIS+ - second edition – 1994 edition
    Troubleshooting Windows – 1993 edition
    Mastering DOS 6 – Special edition – 1993 edition
    Mastering Windows 3.1 – special edition – 1993 edition
    Windows 3.1 Secrets - 1992 edition
  2. DOS 6 & Windoze 3.1 :shock:

    Then again I actually still have a work owned laptop with just that in it 'cos the 40M hard drive cant take much more on it (I only use the laptop to talk to and test certain equipment using terminal).
  3. some museum pieces here.............. :LOL:
  4. If he's got the CCNA manuals I'd be interested...
  5. i'll give him a rock for these :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    ah kermit where art thou...[/quote]
  6. He has some, but keeping them :p
  7. I did say work owned and besides I haven't fired it up in nearly a year, my proper laptop is an all bells and whistles ACER with XP and net access.