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It begins!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by watiwat, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. I've been ogling the bikes in Sydney City Motorcycles in Lane Cove for as long as I can remember. It was always in the back of my mind [often also in the front] to get a bike as soon as I can.

    After doing a pre-learner's course at Rouse Hill in March 2009, I got my license in June and then let it run out the following June due to a lack of funding for a bike and gear.

    I resigned myself to waiting a while before I could properly redo my license.

    It wasn't as long as I had expected, and about 3 months ago I started generating the income required to build up my savings.

    My pre-learner's are booked for May 14/15 - 12:30pm start, and I purchased my first few items of gear.

    I spent just over $1k on a helmet, boots and gloves.

    Helmet: Shoei TZ-X Bloodflow
    Boots: Dainese TRQ-Tour Goretex
    Gloves: Alpinestars Stella SP-2

    I'm waiting until after my course to get a bike, I also need to save more money up before I can afford a decent bike. =]

    I'm looking at naked 250's under $3k, but hopefully a few will pop up closer to my pre-learner's =] I'm trying to stay away from faired bikes, as well as the CBF250, I'm just not a fan of it. I'll be jumping on a few bikes to see how they feel in the next couple of weeks and will keep this thread updated on my progress =]

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  2. welcome to Netrider, and the crazy anticipation of riding

    there may be a Hornet 250 for sale on Netrider at the moment, though I can't remember its price
  3. Buying your gear before the pre-learner's? I like it.
    Can't go wrong with a naked 250 either...
  4. good selection...happy riding?
  5. There's a hornet in VIC, but I'd rather buy within NSW if possible. Thanks though! I do quite like the look of the hornets =]

    I figure I can't back out of it if I get my gear first, wouldn't want to waste all that good money =]

    Thanks =]
  6. I did the same thing with gear, bought everything before I had my licence. I had about $2000 worth, so I could not back out.
    Good luck and ride safe.
  7. Thanks REDZX =]

    So today I spent a couple of hours today finding bikes to sit on, visited 4 dealerships around Sydney.

    1. Northside Motorcycles - Artarmon
    There was a very limited range of LAMS bikes, only got to sit on a GS500E and a GS500F [very little difference between them, as expected.] It's on my list, despite the majority of them being over $4k.

    2. Sydney City Motorcycles - Lane Cove
    There were some very nice bikes here, and their after-sale attitude is pretty awesome. Included with the bike is the first service free, a $30 voucher to go towards the second service, data dot technology to lower insurance premiums, as well as some other stuff I can't remember.

    I sat on more bikes here, and the salesman told me that flat-footing on a bike isn't important. As long as you can comfortably get one flat-foot down with one foot on the gear shift, then it's fine.

    New VTR250 - very comfortable, pretty, and going for 9k
    New CB400 - the moment I sat on this, I fell in love with it, but it's going for about 11-12k new
    New Ninja 250R - felt heavy and unbalanced after the hondas, didn't like it very much.

    3. A1 Road and Race - Arncliffe
    There were heaps of bikes here, most with rather nasty scratches. The front room was the showroom, and was bare. It looked dodgy, and all the bikes in the showroom had keys in them too, rather odd.

    4. Scotts Motorcycles - Arncliffe
    This was a spur-of-the-moment decision to visit this, drove past it then did a quick lane change into a deserted suzuki dealership carpark that was next to the store so we could visit it. Sat on a Ducati S400, $7.5k, so pretty. The guy there was very helpful, I was impressed with the customer service. He even took me out back to look at a CB400 that was sitting in the workshop. Even though I'm not a fan of yellow, I'd be so ecstatic if I could get a CB400.

    So, I've narrowed my list down to Honda naked bikes, hopefully I can find a VT/VTR250, CBF250 or CB250 [maybe] under 4k, and then I can upgrade to a CB400 when I get more funding!

    2 weeks til my Pre-L's!

    TL;DR: Saw a lot of bikes, Honda is made of win. I need more money, and I want a CB400. 2 weeks til my Pre-L's!
  8. All the best with your licence and bike hunting. Netrider are super helpful for just about anything. Good going on the gear too, that's a pretty sexy helmet.
  9. yep, love the look of your helmet... good luck with finding something. From personal experience I'd say keep on sitting on everything, honda or not. You might end up finding something else a total bargin, who knows :D

    Good luck with it though
  10. Welcome to Netrider!

    +1 for the vtr250. They are a bit pricey but have seen some around the $3K mark on a few bike sites. They usually have around 40K on the clock but don't let that scare you off, if well maintained you'll still get plenty of live out of that engine.

    I had a good look at the CBF250 and liked it very much, but i had so much trouble getting the damn thing into neutral (Tried 2 different bikes). Apparently that's a common problem with this model. Google told me so :)

    And good choice of gear!
  11. Whatever bike you choose, stick with it for the entire period of your restrictions. Save your money for an unrestricted bike. Upgrading to another lams bike is a waste of money.

    regarding gear, buy a jacket. You'd be crazy not to have one.

    Also consider some sort of riding pants. Either kevlar jeans (if you are the sensible type) or leather sports ones with knee sliders (if you are the crazy adrenaline junkie type).
  12. Thanks for the help, everyone! =]

    It's a matter of getting a bike sooner rather than later, I'd like the CB400 but it'd take quite a few more months to save up for it, not to mention rego/stamp duty/CTP. I'm currently looking at a Suzuki Bandit 250 and a Honda Spada, I'm trying to figure out how I can inspect it with limited free time.

    I was always planning on getting a jacket/pants, I just didn't find ones I liked when I bought my other gear, thanks for the suggestions. I'm probably going to get a textile jacket (with CE approved armour, of course) and draggins. Should be getting them either this weekend or in a few weeks =]
  13. I'd consider waiting the couple of extra months... It might hurt every day but: you are clearly in love with the CB400 and as you are a girl, you are more likely to stay happy with it. Guys have a tendency to get bored with bikes and very dumb like that. They just want bigger and faster stuff. So if you wait off for a little while and buy the CB400, you'll have a bike that you'll be happy with for a long time and you'll save in the long run.

    Because its heading into winter right now think about buying a pure winter jacket. Way I did it was I bought a full leather jacket (with no ventilation) and winter gear and then when summer rolled round I bought a ventilated textile one and summer gloves. Worked out well. Now i'm sorted no matter what the weather :D

    Keep us posted and good luck!
  14. Hi, bought my vtr 250 from Scotts. It hasn't missed a beat. Only 50 weeks and 4 days to go til I upgrade to my Street Triple
  15. Update!

    I bought a Rev'it! Siren jacket in black/red from Bikebiz in Parramatta, less than 2 hours before my Pre-L's on Saturday. Wore it for my entire course, and it was awesome. Took out the waterproof and thermal liners, so it was just the mesh jacket. It kept me warm in the shade and cool in the sun. I'm very happy with my purchase =]

    So, as I have alluded to, I completed my Pre-Learner's this weekend at Stay Upright at Clyde. I was in a 3 person group under the guidance of Kryssie. She was an awesome instructor, helpful and friendly without babying everyone.

    I didn't drop the bike once, and while I have a bit of trouble maintaining clutch at low speeds (damn stalling) I kept trying and didn't give up until I didn't do it as often.

    I have now been deemed 'competent' in the eyes of Stay Upright, and am going for my DKT on Friday afternoon. With any luck, I'll be looking at a Bandit up the coast this weekend with intent to purchase.

    If all goes well, I may be on the road (or at least, on a bike in my front yard/ a carpark) before June!

    Yay =]
  16. Get a leather jacket as soon as you can afford it. Also I almost bought that helmet, it looks awesome I but thought it was overpriced compared to my shark.
  17. Unless I think I need to upgrade to a leather jacket, I'll wait til my tax return to get a leather jacket =]

    I've confirmed with the seller that I'll be picking up my red GSF250V this Saturday, and thanking the stars that I have a riding friend with a trailer that's willing to go on a roadtrip up the coast =D

    Everything's moving so quickly, it's so awesome =D
  18. Umm I wouldn't buy a bike without looking at it in person first, and preferably getting it checked and having someone ride it a bit.

    As for the jackets, you might be alright with a textile one but you will need to wear more layers underneath, you feel a lot colder riding at 60 than 20-30 of the pre-learners course. Also, generally speaking leather still offers the best protection.

    Edit: I also recommend getting some gloves with a longer gauntlet when you can, if you have an off even at low speed its going to pull that textile jacket up your arm if you slide on it at all, and it'll graze the shit out of your wrist.