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{IT ALERT} Download speed utility - recommendations

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Years ago, under windows 3.1, there used to be a brilliant little utility called "Netmedic" that sat in the corner and it'd tell you what speed the internet was downloading and uploading at any time, how many bytes went each way, how many hops away the current site was away... etc etc.

    I can't seem to find the equivalent for Vista. Is there one????

  2. Bonzibuddy.
  3. Netlimiter maybe.
  4. Hi Rob,

    No direct recommendations, Vista handles this type of user interface reporting by its "Gadgets" structure. There are lots of gadgets that have been written so probably one around to do what you want.

    Try HERE
  5. Fast responses! Ok, will have a look. :)

    Thanks fellers.
  6. OK, seriously, don't download Bonzibuddy. That was a joke. It was voted into the top 10 most annoying pieces of software poll a few years ago sorry ... errrr :grin:
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  8. I have a program on my lap top. I Use wireless broad band when I'm not in the office. The program can be set up to count the data for just that connection and ignore other sources (lan etc.).

    I can't remember the name of it, I'll find out when I get to work if you like.
  9. Ok, it's called net meter.

    It's mainly used for upload and download usage. It also shows current upload and download speeds.

    It's free so it's worth a look..

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  11. Net meter sounds like what I'm after. I'll have a look.

    FTR, I haven't turned on ANY Vista gadgets as yet... with 1G of ram, things run a bit slow at times... though I have noticed that Vista is a lot better at letting resources go once they're not being used than say XP or windows versions before that...

    In the meantime I've found a Firefox extension that tells me the current download rate for the current page... it's kind of getting towards what I'm interested in.
  12. Get some more memory Rob, with the high Aussie to US dollar rate memory is cheap at the moment. Vista runs much better in 2M+ Also Service Pack 1 has been released for Vista and all reports are it does improve the performance. I don't think this is an automatic upgrade although Microsoft are intending to make it one so may have already done so. If not Vista SP1

  13. The service pack showed up on the automatic updates and it was downloaded... that's when I noticed it was better at letting go resources.

    Note to self: I definitely must get more memory! ...if only I'd remember... LOL