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It adsl problem

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Brian26146, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Hi all

    My adsl seems to drop off if I haven't used it after about 15 or so mins.

    I have tried looking in the modems but no modem there.

    The only way to get it to work againis to boot the computer. Resetting the modem does not work.

    Any ideas?

  2. idle timeout setting on modem.
    make sure it is set to 0.
    Give your ISP a call they should be able to help you out. Who are you with?

  3. reply

    Hi Exmenace

    There is no modem in the Control Panel area for that setting. I have used that for a dial-up and it worked OK.
    I have just got off the phone to Primus and we made some setting changes so will wait to see what happens.
    The first thing they said was I have a virus - AVG says no.
    I have spy ware - Adaware says no.
    Next the firewall is causing the problem. Still happens with Zonealarm off. Anyway its too dangerous with no firewall.

    Now its my computer thats the problem. Ready to give up.

    Thanks for the help though.

  4. Re: reply

    ah if only those things could stop all spyware/virii/attacks.

    what version of windows are you using?
    do you run windows update regularly?
    what brand of modem (or router) are you using?

    that's why primus thinks it's your computer.. from what you've said, it sounds right
  5. If restarting your computer and not the modem fixes the problem, then likely your computer is at fault (unless you have a USB modem).

    As for setting the idle timeout - the modem (unless it's US8) typically isn't 'installed' as such on the PC, with drivers and what not. Well routers aren't - they have their own configuration setup usually accessed via a web interface.

    Spyware is 90% of the problem when it comes to internet issues these days - Adaware will get about 50% (if that) of the spyware around. For spyware cleanup, you'll need a suite of programs, the best of which IMO is Webroot's Spysweeper. This is licensed software, but you can download a free 30 day trial for it. Give that a run too.
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    First, thanks for all the replies. I was away fishing today hence delay in replying.

    The Modem is USB Netcomm NB1300.

    I run XP with SP2. I check for critical updates for Windows and Internet Explorer (ver6) about every week or so.
    AVG (ver7) anti-virus updated daily.
    Zone Alarm Firewall.
    I run the Adaware weekly. It is up to date.

    The reason I don't use the MS firewall is that I have read some adverse reports.

    This problem has been there all the time, but it only just got to me, so I only contacted Primus the other day.
    We did make a few changes. I haven't had the computer on long enough to test it again.

    Zone alarm tells me it stopped 2 critical attacks recently.
    Adaware tells me I had a few files there but they turned out to be MS stuff from updates to MS Office.
    Avg tells me the computer is clean.

    So I am at a loss. As Tenoq says, the modem is not installed and the only way settings are changed is through DOS.

    I will wait and see this week if the setting changes we made work.

    Anyone have opinions about my:-
    V/Scanner? (AVG ver7 updated daily)
    Firewall? (Lastest free version, updated afew weeks ago)
    Adaware? (Free version, updated a few days ago)


  7. Re: reply

    Are you referring to the "ipconfig" command?

    I recommend running the NB1300 over ethernet rather then USB (although the USB drivers emulate ethernet anyway). Either way, you'll find the settings under Control Panel - Network Connections. There may be more then one, but one of them will correspond to your NB1300. The default name is "Local Area Connection". Although, there arent really any useful options there.

    The NB1300 has a logging feature, which would allow you to find out exactly what is going wrong. But first, could you post the first half of your IP e.g. 123.456.XX.XX (you'll find it using ipconfig).

    As for your setup - you've got everything I would recommend, but you can never be free of crap with windows. I had good results using AVG7, windows xp firewall, and a program called HijackThis (not really recommended as you can remove important stuff). Also avoid bodgy programs (e.g. Kazaa) like the plague!

  8. The nb1300 is most likely the problem.

    As Androo has suggested it would be good to checkout the log file and see why it's dropping out.

    AVG really is a quite ordinary virus scanner as well mate...

    I'd be inclined to recommend VET and for your spyware/trojans problems I'd suggest you download spybot (it's like adaware).

  9. reply

    Thanks Paul and Androo.

    Will be interested to see what happens at our neighbourhood house. Going over to adsl through a router to about 11-12 computers.

    Will be running Norton AV. (we get it free)
    Don't know what to do about firewall as yet. Might use the MS XP SP2.
    Will have long think about spyware though.

    Thanks again