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It’s sooooo dry in Australia that ........

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by 2ndclasscitizen, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. + HIH Insurance has come out of liquidation.

    + The Red Cross has launched a wet blanket appeal.

    + We're actually drinking the new Vanilla Coke

    + You're only permitted to eat watermelon between 8pm and 8am.

    + The Government has introduced a water pistol buyback scheme.

    + Thieves are siphoning off radiators instead of petrol tanks.

    + I'm encouraging the kids to wee in the pool.

    + Jesus has turned the wine into water

    + Philip Ruddock says that the so called children overboard fiasco wasn’t a lie, it was so they could walk to Australia .

    + Everyone is now an expert - because you can't find anyone who is wet
    behind the ears .

    + All the bottom of the harbour tax schemes are re-surfacing.

    + I saw two trees fighting over a dog.

    + All the Baptists have become Anglicans.

    + When my daughter fainted it took three buckets of sand to bring her around.

    + I've sent my indoor plants out on agistment.

    + All the dogs are marking their territory with chalk.

    + Some of the 4WDs in Toorak have actually got dust on them.
  2. :LOL:
  3. [quote="2ndclasscitizen+ I saw two trees fighting over a dog.[/quote]
  4. Jesus turning wine into water, and Baptists becoming Anglicans particularly appeal.

    When we were little people used to say it was so dry you could spit a threepence!
  5. Way to show your age :p.
  6. It doesn't rain

    It muds
  7. Vanilla Coke rulz... I don't like what you're implying :p
  8. Nothing wrong with Vanilla Coke.

    If you had said "New Coke", now that would make sense. Man that stuff was foul.
  9. Yeah vanilla coke is great......now that other one ...was it the lime one????

    That sucked big time
  10. When I was 14, we used to buy the 78c bottle of homebrand cola, and a bottle of vanilla essence (the one with the alcohol in it) and mix them up to get drunk. Tatsed like offal, but it worked.

    Then Coke came out with this Vanilla Coke crap. I thought they stole the idea from me, then I realised that Vanilla Coek isn't alcoholic. What a rip off, still tastes like offal but doesn't even get you drunk. :grin:
  11. It’s sooooo dry in Australia that ........

    the Domain tunnel leaks sand

    I shower only when overseas

    my plants have developed humps

    the Botanical Gardens is now named The Great Suburban Desert

    all women now swallow 8-[

    because of vegetation death I now have clear uninterupted view of Rays Black Spur RoadHouse from my house
  12. Chuck some bourbon in it, such a top combo! :cool:
  13. I don't get it.... :oops:
  14. Waste of bourbon. Vanilla coke crap plain and simple.

    It's so dry in Australia that:

    I would consider drinking vanilla coke!!! (not really.) :p
  15. Vanilla Coke :sick:
  16. It's so dry they've closed two lanes of the swimming pool

    It's so dry the cows are giving powdered milk
  17. It’s sooooo dry in Australia that ........

    the term dry as nun's c*&#...means someone must have really been hard up :LOL:
  18. ....that hardware shops are only selling 'dry'.

    ..... and the Liberal Party is down to only one faction.
  19. Its soooo dry in Australia that.....

    Woolongong isnt getting enough water and its residents are starting to hulicinate

    What do the hell do they mean Paul? And this isnt the political section! :LOL:
  20. Its soooo dry in Australia that.....

    Dry Cleaners are now receiving governmental water rebates :-s

    surfers actually have to go out and get jobs

    you need to wear full motorbike protective gear to go water-skiing