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Ist time on the Spur

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by little_miss_cowgirl, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Just spent the afternoon on the Spur and simply loved it. Did the first lap as a pillion which was really useful, fun and an introduction to sport bikes - havent been on one before. Then I had a couple of tutored laps and by then felt ok to spend the rest of the afternoon just lapping. Felt totally supported in going at a speed that I was comfortable with despite what speed seems to be status quo up there!!
    What it gave me was the experience of how it can be done, a workable baseline, and lots of cornering practice. Although I wasnt geting every corner perfect it didnt feel like I was out of control and was able to assess what I was doing wrong. Feel like I've made the next quantum leap and that is pretty exciting.
    Would recommend it 100%, my nervousness which probably has its base in living at Healesville near the Hwy and hearing the ambulance come past, didnt seem to be an issue. I have been practising on other circuits up here where the roads are unlined ( cars coming around a corner in the middle) with poor surfaces and lots of debris after storms etc. The spur actually felt much safer and having a mentor cannot be recommended highly enough. Cheers

  2. Well done. Looking forward to doing it myself one day. Seems to be a bench mark ride.
  3. Twid, was good to meet you today. I was the dude on the Blue VTR that ended up buzzing you with Raven before we headed back to Melbourne. Always remember to ride at your own pace regardless of what others are doing. For me, today was a further step forward as I went faster than I had at any other time, thanks to Raven. Raven is an excellent teacher and somebody with lots of knowledge to pass on.

    Looking at your rear tyre you may want to look at replacing that at some stage as it is relatively squared now compared to being round.

    Despite what some people say, the spur is a great road to ride, especially when it is quiet like today. During summer when it is really busy can make it interesting to get past the cars, etc.

    Enjoy having the best road in the world at your doorstep and stay safe.
  4. hey

    well done twid !!

    how good is having raven sit behind you !!! gives you so much confindence!!
  5. Remember bad things can happen there. Always ride well within your limits on the road and keep a watchful eye on the enemy.

    It *IS* a fantastic road though.
  6. !st time on the Spur

    Thanx for the response was out again this am on the spur and it was raining leant into some corners but was a bit uncertain about others so just rode it around - any advice on this one as I get the feeling good weather days will be few and far between for awhile. Is the bike likely to slide out in the turn or is this just some unfounded paranoia!?
    cheers twid
  7. Hi Twid.
    Here's the tip for rain riding...anywhere. Be "gentle and smooth"...no sudden actions...and keep your speeds more docile.
    In the twisties, this is even MORE important, since there is less margin for error.

    Because you are generally going slower, resist the temptation to get lazy...keep your practice levels high, so when you do get faster and more accomplished, you'll be ready.

    Your bike will manage quite well in the wet, as long as you take things easier and not push it too far. Everything else remains the same - gear selection - braking - throttle control - body/head position - riding line etc...just as we discussed. :grin:
    Yours is an older bike, so it misses out on the technology of the uptodate breed of bikes, but you will still be able to punt around quite satsifactorily. :)

    One thing that must be adhered to, is a light grip on the bars - the bike might want to move around a little underneath you, so don't fight it...have your grip nice and relaxed.

    Feel free to give me a yell if you need to talk about anything, Twid. Very pleased that you are feeling better about your riding. :)