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Issues with Honda reseller

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by chani, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. I THINK this is in the right place, I'm really sure though, sorry if it's not.

    Ok, quite a few months ago, I had an accident. I took my bike down to an AWESOME smash repair place in Spotswood (Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings, not that it matters)

    They got the lights from Honda Advantage (it matters). Now, Honda had NSR lights listed wrong, which resulted in the lights not fitting, MMF were great & let me take the bike back for our first Christmas together. I took it back in 29/01/07 (almost five weeks ago) I was promply advised that Honda would be coming out ot replace the lights, as their cost & I would hopefully be able to pick my bike up on 6/7 of Feb.

    I have called them EVERY Tuesday since. Last week I was told they were waiting on Honda, as Honda are wearing the cost they are stuffing around.

    I called MMF today & the guys there gave me the Honda Advantages number & the name of the guy looking after it, I didn't even need to ask, however, it was the reason I called.

    I called Honda Advantage & spoke to the bloke. It's fair to say I wasn't pleased, but I was not rude, I'll save that for tomorrow.

    Now, the issue is, they didn't have the lights in stock, so they are importing them from Japan.

    What I want to know is, what are my rights in this instance?

    Surely they should have just gone to some other Honda reseller & get the damn lights. It's been FIVE weeks, this IS NOT my fault.

    Am I able to threaten ACCC? Am I able to request they pay my bike finance for the last four & a half weeks? What are my chances of actually getting that money? If I demand they get it fixed by ten am Friday morning, is it really going ot happen?

    I'm just really very angry about this. They have stuffed up & are now stuffing me around.
  2. Was it an insurance job?
    If so i would approach the insurer and complain, nicely at first.
    Then i'd write aletter to Honda's General Manager, a polite but firm one.
    I need some more info, like have you / the insurer paid for the work?
    If so under the law you are entitled to a "workman like" job.
  3. It's not through insurance.

    I have paid for the work.
  4. Chani, if it's any consolation, I had my bike off the road for two months with an insurance job (rear-end accident) AND it's a valid Australian model, not a grey import.....
  5. Chani, I know it sucks but I don't think they're really stuffing you around too much.

    If the lights were wrong, the lights were wrong - at least they owned up and are sorting it out for free.
    If the lights are on the way, there's nothing else to do... can't make the ship go any faster.

    Your options include:
    -Purchase the correct lights yourself, new/2nd hand from somewhere else & have them fitted, then resell your new correct ones when they come in.

    -Request a refund for the lights already purchased, and tell them not to worry - then source them yourself to get them faster.


    The ACCC can't make the parts come any faster. If they pressure Honda, Honda are going to say "They're on the way. What else can we do?"... then the outcome THEY'LL offer you is a refund and you figure it out on your own.

    ... pay your bike repayments? ... sorry but :rofl:

    I believe the standard "If you would prefer to be riding your bike around now, perhaps you shouldn't have stacked it" defence will apply :)

    I don't mean to be harsh, Chani - it sucks and I hope you're back on the road ASAP and the lights fit great and look fantastic: but realistically, I think this is just bad luck and it'll be sorted when it's sorted.

    Now if the lights were in a warehouse in Sydney or something, THAT would be different!
  6. I think you are being a bit light on the repairer. It's not really your problem to chase it. It's theirs. That's why they were happy to give you the number. Takes the pressure off them.

    Still, the problem is indicative of the industry. To cut inventory cost, they have cut back available spares in Australia, to the point it hurts the customer.

    It is becoming an issue for consumer affairs or the ACCC or similar. there is an expectation when you buy a vehicle that you will have reasonable access to spares. An unkown period of time on a safety part is unreasonable.
  7. Ok, I would definitely write to Honda (CEO or above), nicely but firmly, and ask for a resolution within 7 days.
    As has been pointed out, manufacturers / suppliers must keep available spares, and its not your fault what happened.

    Secondly, you did not receive what you paid for, which is a possible breach of the Victorian Fair Trading laws (goods unfit for service, and goods not matching description).
    Ibast above is correct in that you could / should also investigate a formal complaint through Consumer Affairs ( a department of Justice Victoria) if Honda don't / won't play.

    PM me if you want some more advice.
  8. Ok, I got a call from the guy at Honda Advantage this morning, he's hoping the lights arrive in the next few days & the guys at the shop can fit them & I can pick my bike up on Wednesday.

    He tried ot pass me off on the fact it usually takes twelve weeks for parts to arrive from Japan... Sure, that's all well & good, but you stuffed up, I don't care, get the lights from elsewhere. I KNOW PS had them in stock.

    I understand that I stacked my bike & I understand that is totally my fault. However, I am not happy that the guys in the shop were given the WRONG parts, which resulted in my bike essentially being off the road since the accident, which was November, we all know that no lights means no roadworthy.

    I don't think I'm being too soft on the guys in the shop, for it is not their fault the lights were wrong either. The shop is incredibly small & my little bike is taking up much needed space. They have been onto Honda for weeks too. I don't want to get angry at them, when it is out of their hands also...

    Oh, well, now I sit & wait till I get the call Wednesday morning. I jsut hope it's before I start work at twelve!
  9. FWIW For a warranty repair (one of a number) on my late Trumpy Sprint the distributor air-freighted the parts from the UK.
  10. honda will not and should not have to purchase light from a dealer as it would cost them 5 times as much then getting them shipped in themselves honda is a business andlike any other business they are out to make money they are highly unlikely to do something that will cost them more then needs be, sorry but its life, you bought a grey import, meaning the parts are not readily available, plus the guys in the shop should have checked the parts were correct upon arrival not when they got around to fitting them which in itself creates more of a delay.
    as ktulu said purchase a set yourself, you know ps have them in stock, or you should have gotten the repairer to source them from ps, and saved youself the dtuffing around, the more you complain about it the more angry you will get with the situation, and really no one is at fault, sh!t happens deal with it
  11. Yeah, right mate.


    As I said, probably TWICE, Honda gave the repairers the WRONG parts.

    Wrong parts were given by Honda. Parts were LISTED wrong by HONDA.

    They'd never worked on an NSR before & you'd assume you'd be getting the correct parts from the manufacturer or whatever it's called.

    But thanks HEAPS for your "constructive" input :roll:
  12. honda japan did this not honda australia not much point whinging about it, i know where you are coming from but there is nothing that can be done about it, yes its a pain not having your bike when you want it, and the fact it has been 4 months since it all started, unfortunately nothing is ment to be easy

    sorry bout what was said, i should have left it last night as i am now sort of in the same predicument as of yesterday, and was a little bit peeved with my own actions and stupidity but providing the parts are in australia i will have them this week

    again i'm sorry
  13. I know there's not much point in whining about it, but I wanted to know what my options were, so I asked. & I figure my frineds really aren't going to have much sympathy, since none of them ride, not that I wanted sympathy as such, but more a group of people that understand to an extent why I was so disheartened by the situation.

    I'm mainly angry because I'm still a Learner, the best weather of the year is gone, so I'm worried about getting back on the bike in rain & wind. But that's another story for another day.

    Apology accepted :)
  14. having once been a learner myself lol i'll say get out in the rain and learn, you will be surprised how much you can learn about your riding in the wet, you will learn to be alot smoother in acceleration, how far you will be able to tip in whilst accelerating when the is something foriegn on the road surface, and providing theres not too many lunatics out and you have the appropriate gear wet weather riding can be rather nice to a extent

    anyway hope it come together for you soon