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Issues - what to do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Aussie-DRZSM, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. After a recent punctured tyre in Sydney I have taken my motorbike back to the place i bought it off (suzuki drz400sm 07) to get a new tube fitted. Prior to this tube fitting my bike had a major service with them (1st service) Where they check all sorts of things and one of them was align the front end as apparently it wasnt straight (i had a slight off, bent handle bar mounts etc) they test rode if after the service and everything was a, ok.

    To me the bike was 100% fine in the front end before the major service, and it felt exactly the same after the major service. The problem comes 3 days later after they had fixed the flat tyre. I ride out of the shop and instantly something isnt right, it feels strange/loose in the rear end.

    I ring them straight away and explain the issue, then take it back the next day. They say that the steering bearings were loose and thats what was causing it (Which they were supposed to check in major service) but that didnt fix my problem.

    I take the bike back to them again, this time they verify that nothing is wrong with the rear end, its all aligned and everything is 100% correct and the issue is that the bike is pulling to one side. They tell me its a problem with the steering. I find it HARD to believe that its the front end as they "aligned" the front end in their major service, the bike road fine up untill they changed the rear inner tube.

    They then said they put a whole new rear tyre and wheel on the back and associated parts from another bike and rode it and its still pulling to one side slightly. Re-firming their view its in the front end.

    They believe its some damage/bent part from my previous crash. I also find this HARD to believe as the bike rode fine, before and after their major service and only when they changed the rear tube is when it began to feel not right.

    Im extremely frustrated as my motorbike mechanical knowledge is pretty slim. The shop wants me to pay an hours labour for all their double checking of the rear, then an hour or so labour for taking the front end off and sending them to be fixed.

    They still dont know what the problem is and i feel that the shop is trying to take me for a ride. Especially due to the steering bearings being loose after letting them know of the knocking in the front end, and them writing down in the invoice they checked the bearings when they didnt at all.

    What should I do?
  2. Get a second opinion.
  3. I definately will take it somewhere else, but as far as good bike mechanics go who in sydney is good and not overated and pricey. I know good car mechanics but motorbikes are another story.

    shits me, having to pay for an hours labour which they probably didnt do anything for.
  4. Whereabouts in Sydney are you??
  5. how bad did you stack? Ie did the forks hit something solid eg car, tree?

    Have the morons in the bike shop got your rear wheel aligned correctly?

    I assume that the front end was adjusted using the spokes? Not spacers?

    And well done on getting a motard!!! The best style of bike available for twisties and urban assult!

    feel free to go to "www dot vsmr dot net" and look at the fourm, as it is a dedicated motard forum based here in aus that will be able to help you out for sure.

    Which way does it pull, if you let go of the bars, does it track straight?

    Do a string test, to see if the wheels are indeed straigh in the chassis (or if the chassis/forks are straight).
  6. dropped it onto the road. It road straight and tracked straight right after i dropped it. I rode it an hour and a half home. Its been fine ever since, when they said they spent all this time re-aligning the frontend i was like ?? but when i got the bike back on the 24th it was fine from the major service. then 3 days later on the 27th its all shot to shit? The feeling is basically like you tyre is flat but it isnt.... if you take your hands off the bars while going along it doesnt pull to one side. I get the feeling the worst going from 0-35ish feels like its not going in a straight line.

    Sorry, first bike.. just dont know how to explain it right.

    On sydney, north shore.
  7. long shot
    check your rear tyre pressure.
  8. Another long shot. Is the tyre rotating the correct way?
  9. If they have aligned the front end after your off then its a warranty thing for them to fix. You've paid for it once so they do it next time for free.
    If that doesnt fix it then take it elsewhere for a diagnosis and then take it back and make them fix it. RFN :wink:
  10. I have had a couple of tubes go down rather quickly on the berg and you get that "this aint right" feeling and then the next corner you get a huge uncontrolable slide. All very fun.

    So as the others said, check PSI F & R. If it is too high it can also upset your handeling and make the bike feel like it is wandering beneath you.

    BTW, you should run your PSI about the 25-28 mark for the motard on the road.
  11. when i picked the bike up from the shop they had put 38psi in the rear!!!

    first thing i did was check the pressures and make the front 25psi and rear 29psi as per the manual.

    I checked all the basics like tyre rotation.

    They assure me they took the rear wheel and axle etc off another drz400sm and put it on my bike and it still does the same thing.

    Im thinking i just pay the 1 hour the want to charge me to fix a problem they caused and take it somewhere else. Just dont know who is really good at what they do.

    But it does feel like it is wandering under me, at first i thought it was in my head but after riding my mates husky510smr i know something is up!
  12. when i lowered the psi to 29, it seemed to reduce the issue. but it hasnt completely fixed it.
  13. well its the perfect reason to keep riding the 510 :LOL:
  14. You are on the rioght track
    did they balance the wheel?
    also is the wheel on straight?
    sometimes you have to check the chain guides to make sure there is no deviation between both sides of the swingarm.
    If there is even a few mm deviation then this can contribute to it.
    check your rear tyre for any uneven wear.
  15. I'd definitely be getting a second opinion. You are in the classic cleft stick; your existing mechanic hasn't fixed the problem, and has an obligation to do so, but you don't have the confidence that he'll get it right no matter how many goes he has at it. Cut your losses and take it somewhere else.

    Phone a few places, ask to speak to the workshop and give the guy a general overview of the situation. Listen for confidence in the guy's voice that he KNOWS what you are talking about without looking at it. If he says;. "Well, mate, it's kinda hard to know without seeing it", don't bother; he's going to be guessing too.
  16. Im fairly confident that they will fix the problem, the issue is at what cost. a Perfectly good bike is no longer and this occured while in their care, but they refuse to accept that fact.

    Im thinking of trying lloyd Penn in Artarmon, i will call him a bit later today.
  17. You say that they fixed and aligned the bike after your off and when you got it back its not right?
    They have been paid to do the job once, now its time for them to fix it at NO cost.

    After its sorted then you go to a different mechanic for the rest of your needs.
  18. The bike was fine after the off, i replaced the plastics got some handguards and fixed the headlight myself. 800kms later i drop the bike in for its first service, no issues other than slight "knocking" in the front over bumps which ended up being a loose steering bearing. They said that they spent alot of time aligning the front end because it wasnt straight, but it felt fine. i picked it up and it was fine.

    That was on the 24th, and on the 27th i had the flat and got the tube replaced. This is where all the problems started after they replaced the tube.
  19. I don't have any good advice for Sydney workshops,
    but like other have said get a 2nd opinion. tell the mechanics who are screwing around with your front end that you're not satisfied with their work and you want someone else to look at the rear end. perhaps you could get your mate to ride your bike.

    well done on checking tyre pressure right after they fitted the rear tube. are all tyre fitters too lazy to put spec psi on tyres before handing the bike back, or do they think that they know better? I've change tyre on 3 occasions at 3 different places and they have all returned the bike to me with tyre/s out by at least 10 psi.

    oh and here's some happy reading for you https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=36948 make sure you read past the first page ;)
  20. it just shits me, they are treating me like a moron. It might be my first bike, but i work on all my cars.