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Issues on Start Up (Street Triple R)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by BMWRX, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. My bike (2015 Street Triple R) has been a bit grumpy when starting up the last six months or so. It's intermittent but it'll idle slowly once turned over and if I ride off within the first minute or two it lacks power and I've got to rev it a lot more than usual to get it rolling fully in gear.

    This morning it was particularly belligerent. It stopped, then refused to start again. Normally when I turn the key I can hear the fuel pump prime, the speedo and tacho swing up to the max then back again, the fuel gauge and temperature fill up, then I can start the bike. However, this morning, after stopping, the needles moved up and down, but no priming sound and the fuel gauge squares wouldn't show. There was nothing when I pressed the magic Go button; not even a ticking sound.

    So, I went back inside to get my car keys but heard the bikes do it's usual post-ride thing (not sure what it is but sounds like an early-90's dial-up modem - maybe the fuel depressurising?), so thought I'd go back out and try again. Sure enough, it kicked over and ran smoother than it has in months. Full power from the turn of the key.

    I'm endeavouring to take it into the workshop for a look-see as it is showing the check engine light, but would anyone hazard a guess at what may have caused the problem?
  2. It sounds pretty solidly like a sensor issue. Whether it's because of a detected fault, or a bad connection, bad battery, poor earth/continuity somewhere though, is too hard to say. If you have access to diagnostic equipment(unlikely I know) go to town testing. But it probably will need the workshop people to diagnose(and charge you for their time :( sadly )
  3. maybe not it should be covered under warranty hopefully
  4. Only on cold starts, or also on hot restarts?
  5. Good point Uncle Greg. I didn't process the 2015 bit when writing.
  6. The ECU in the Street Triple and Daytona is an adaptive unit. For example, I remember reading somewhere around the interwebs that when the ECU goes to sleep at shut-down (makes the fax-machine noise) it remembers the intake air temperature, and uses this at the next start. If the air temperature then is significantly different (i.e. overnight in the garage), then it may run a little rough for a few seconds until the computer sorts itself out again. Of course this doesn't explain why it refused to start completely.

    One thing you may be able to try is also the '12 minute adaptation tune' on modern Triumphs. Basically, let it get properly cold (overnight is probably best), start it in neutral on the sidestand without touching the throttle at all and allow it to idle until it warms up and the cooling fan comes on. Let it idle a further 12 minutes (no harm in longer) and turn it off using the key. This resets the throttle position sensor and clears all the adaptive data the ECU has learned — basically wiping the slate clean. Its important you do not touch the throttle and allow it to come up to temperature before starting the timer, and switch it off with the key (not kill switch). Normally takes around 20 minutes, including the warmup and might help sort out the start problem.

    None of the above explains why the engine mangement light is on however. My money would be on a dodgy sensor or EVAC (although I don't think the Street Triple R has an EVAC — not sure). The ECU on 2013+ bikes is locked, so you're probably up for a trip to a dealer to get the code read anyway...

    Hope that helps a little!