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Issues After Oil Change.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cmarico, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Today I changed the oil on my zzr 250. Since then I have found neutral much more difficult to find than before. It also seems to clunk more when going from neutral to first, but changing through the rest of the gears is smooth. I also noticed that the clutch slipped under hard acceleration in first and second gear. These are all issues arising since the change. Pretty sure this is the same oil I used last time too.

    Does anybody have any thoughts as to what could be causing this?
  2. Wrong oil type/weight??

    Did you use fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral?

    Was the oil the correct rating for the bike?
  3. As pilgrim hints, its likely the choice of oil.
    Dont use full synth in a wet clutch bike like the zzr250, and given the slippage i rather suspect this is what you have done, or used one not meant for wet clutch.

    What oil did you chuck in?
  4. Shell advance ax5 4t 15w50 "premium mineral oil"
  5. well fcuk , i am not going to google it ,
    is ir bike oil or car oil ? if its car oil well
    guess what
  6. Bike oil, at least that what is says on the bottle
  7. 4t soz missed thst - been a long day.
  8. And has a JASO-MA rating, which specifically means it won't affect a wet bike clutch.

    Have you double checked the oil's at the correct level?
  9. I'll double check it in the morning. Could putting too much in cause this? I tried to go as close to the top of the glass sight, perhaps I was a little over zealous.
  10. hang on sae 50
    does bike operate ok when its colder ?
  11. Umm, do you mean to the top of the "full" mark on the glass, or literally to the top of the glass?

    Too much oil can cause foaming in the engine, and I can't imagine that foam doing much good if it's getting into the gearbox/clutch.
  12. Top of the full mark, but may have gone a bit over that.

    I'll check again tomorrow morning and see how it runs cold too.
  13. Rode to work this morning. When cold it shifted into neutral fine, but once warm it was a pain. She'll only shift into neutral when I'm still rolling.
  14. ZZR250 clutches are a bit weak, and more so when they are the earlier models with high k's. So it could be just a coincidence that you noticed clutch slip after the oil change, and may not be due to the oil at all, but just old age.
    Hard to find neutral could be due to cable adjustment. Too much freeplay will make neutral hard to find. But it is strange that it becomes harder when hot??? Other more expensive things can cause it, such as warped clutch plates, worn clutch basket etc, but they usually dont occur from changing oil.
  15. It's an 01 with 30,000km's. If it were the cable, wouldn't it be hard to shift to neutral when hot or cold?
  16. Your clutch is dragging to cause the neutral problem. That could be clutch wear or could have been accentuated by the oil used. The slipping is possibly wear.
    Try adjusting the clutch to spec to see if you can get the drag out of it. If that doesn't help you can try a different oil. I reckon your clutch is on the way out.

    I usually measure oil out when changing and then run it and the check via the sight glass. Remember to have the bike upright. It's usually spot on. Relying on the sight glass alone with fresh oil before it has circulated can be hit and miss.
  17. Damn. That's depressing!
  18. I encountered a similar issue a couple of years ago and the fault was (supposedly) too much oil.

    Don't discount the possibility, but YMMV.
  19. Thanks mendosi. I'll be draining some out tonight and making sure it isn't overfilled.

    Also, thanks to everyone else who has replied.
  20. nah dont panic there is a reason i asked about
    cold shift.
    you have the wrong oil mate i suspect you had
    sae 40 before but now you have 50 ,
    thicker oil once warmed up.
    check manual for recommended sae if it says
    40 chuck in a ( as top number ) a 40