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N/A | National Issues affecting riders around Australia?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by the_blacke, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. I'm working with a couple of friends to start an e-mag for riders that does a critical examination of the issues affecting riders and riders' rights. We're aiming to produce something of a decent, scholarly standard so that it can stand up to the rhetoric of those who are trying to marginalise riders.

    I come from Victoria, and so alas I suffer from the Transport Accident Condition... on the plus side that gives us heaps of material to work with :) But on the down side, I don't tend to hear too much from the rest of the country, and we are aiming to keep the focus australia wide, not just a Vic mag.

    So I'd love to hear what are the hot topics from around the country. What moves are afoot that need some scrutiny? Is anyone throwing out some pseudo-scientific report around that warrants a closer look?

    And on the flipside, what's happening in your part of the country that is really good for motorcyclists? Any new policy, initiative, service or product that is making life better or safer and you think the rest of the country would benefit from? Let me know!
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  2. Great idea mate. I've subscribed.
  3. As above
  4. Mostly I'm posting because I want to be subsribed to this thread. Nothing new here, but to get things started...

    Currently good in Victoria (I'm in a good mood so giving credit to VicRoads, police, legislators and the riders who compaigned for this initially):
    • Legal parking on footpaths, and guidelines for how to do it published by our friends at VicRoads. This is not only a win for riders, but also benefits drivers whose carparks we aren't taking and councils who don't need to provide us with special parking. It's actually a no-brainer unless you operate one of those secure parking rackets in the CBD. Other states really need to get onboard this one.

    What needs improving:
    • Clear 'official' guidelines for legal filtering - almost every rider in Melbourne does it at least sometimes, no kittens die, people are rarely booked for it and it actually reduces congestion for all traffic. BUT, sometimes drivers react badly (despite the congestion issue), sometimes people are booked for an offence, and some riders filter/lane split dangerously. Published guidelines saying (for example) - how to use your indicator, maximum permitted speed of you and the other traffic, what to do when you get to the front at the lights, what to do when you don't, etc.
    • Get rid of those pesky rego stickers - it'll happen soon now that other states and countries have realised they really are obsolete.
    • Change those stupid rules forcing bikes to be sold with ugly fenders, and leading to the occasional fine.
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  5. Above x 100000000 and I subbed :)
  6. Well in Sunny SA we have all got the Motorcycle Accident Condition, which is a TAC clone and at least as ignorant.

    There is nothing happening in my part of the country that is really good for motorcyclists.

    There are only two things happening in SA.
    1. Increasing revenue raising.
    2. Marginalization. (bikie laws etc.)

    Nevertheless, I wish you well in your endeavors. =D>
  7. bad thing in nsw would have to be the 80km l plater speed limit it is just ****en dangerous going up the highway
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  8. I subbed during the week, top effort blacke.
    (my 'nod' is gone again, so here it is!!)
    Def get rid of the rego label in Vic & replace it with a small label that goes on the plate, like in other countries, if they even need one.
    I know they've been approached before & can't see the savings in the printing costs alone!!
    Probably think it's too easy to print your own at home!
    The way they just send out the sticker & then wonder why they have so many unregistered cars out there & they only catch a small percentage!
  9. Good things in SA:
    - No more rego labels. Yay.
    - SA Ambulance service are trialing motorcycle Ambulance officers with their quick response units. Might provide a positive light for the use of motorcycles in congested areas to get through traffic quickly (and safely or course)
  10. Sorry bro, it's just you vic riders that get screwed. It's all sunshine and unicorns for riders in other states.

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  11. Until you try and park... :)
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  12. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  13. Yep. In Perth it is illegal for a motorcycle to be stationary. Except in heavy traffic, when it becomes compulsory.
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  14. But still illegal, right? :)
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  15. Well, there is the issue in the Australian Road Rules where riders are not allowed to remove their feet from the pegs unless the bike is stationery. A stupid law, though I don't know how often anyone gets done for it.

    A related law is the one where riders are not allowed to remove their hands from the handlebars at any time, including while stationery, which makes it difficult, for example, to zip up your jacket while stopped at the lights. Again, don't know how often this is a problem, but it is a stupid law which should not exist.

    I don't have references for those in hand but they have been raised in previous threads.

    One pertinent issue where pressure is coming from certain quarters is the hi-vis thang. Related is the move to require safety equipment, like jackets, to be approved by Standards Australia, which is not only mostly useless, but guaranteed to increase prices and get a whole lot of innocent riders reamed.

    What about riding in National parks or State Forests? It's awfully hard in Qld to find public land where you are allowed to ride, AFAIK. (happy to be corrected on this)


    EDIT: just remembered - there is the issue of traffic lights not recognizing motorcycles and city councils either not caring or not being able to make them work properly. I'm sure there are a few riders who have been punished by police for subsequently riding through faulty lights.
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  16. it's illegal to smile in Victoria
  17. VMC was the only bike organisation that made a submission to the NTC 2012 national road rules review and specifically targetted those stupid laws.

    An article/s on whether Hi Viz has any road safety benefit for MC's would be good.

    In regards to gear, look up Paul Varnsverry and then write an article on standards for motorcycle gear, broken down for the layman to understand!

    Ooh oh, look up Guy Standford and breakdown into simple terms the truth and reality behind the Helmet standard and national legislation situation!

    Also touched on in the VMC submission.

    I'd like to see an article exploring/featuring the benefits or not of training. There's some stuff from Vision Zero countries which should be turning TAC on it's ear but isn't.

    I'd happily tip in for a highly credentialled academic to peer review the Flinders Uni / CASR "5km/h over doubles your risk" report and settle once and for all what's what.

    An article capitalising and building on from AMCN's current article on pros/cons of filtering would be a winner too...


    That's all for now.
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