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Issue with mastercard paypass

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Kernel, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. I am with the commonwealth bank and I use a debit master card. One of the things I like about the card is that you can put the card up to one of those tap'n'go paypass things, and your transaction is done extremely quickly and you haven't had to screw around with pressing buttons or shit like that. But recently I've noticed an issue.
    When you pay for something with paypass tap'n'go, it is supposed to show up in your 'Pending transactions' straight away, and take money away from your 'available funds'. Not the case for me. I could have 110 bucks in my bank account, spend 90 bucks with tap'n'go, and it won't show up straight away. I could then proceed to spend another 50 bucks on other crap. A few days later it'll show up in my bank account, not in my pending transactions but completed transactions list, and I'll be at least 30 bucks in the negative, not including the overdraw fee.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  2. This is something you need to ask the bank about.
  3. 1. check bank balance every so often
    2. don't spend more than balance
  4. It did that with mine at first but theyve stopped it for some reason... i found it handy. An unofficial overdraft. Seems theyve nipped it in the bud.
  5. It's unusual that the transaction that puts in the negative, actually gets approved? Normally only direct debit transactions you set up to occur automatically would do that.

    I'm personally a little suss about the tap n go option. I'd feel more secure putting in pin numbers or signing...even those aren't entirely secure but tap n go just seems to be 'too' convenient!
  6. Yurp, RFID theft... maybe not prevelant yet, but I'll bet it gets more traction.

    I've actually got a stupid biometric wallet (dont ask, it was a present), which says it can stop RFID leakage. Personally I just reckon I'm set if someone tries to shoot me in the ass. If they chop my finger off I'm screwed though.
  7. Ive had $20 transactions approved with $5 available and $10 transactions declined with $8 available. Paypass seems to be rather hit and miss. i also dont get how not needing a pin or signature is more secure.....
  8. true dude, I'll be using it for a while but give it 1 1/2 years and I ain't touching that shit.
    I'll gladly take that off your hands if you don't want it, I'll pay postage
  9. think it's mainly cause it uses the credit card transaction method of approval which is more locked down, normal savings account transaction method which gets instantly approved is a little more easy to hack. mind you, if they have your card data which is what everyone does anyway, everything is easy...
  10. Let's be honest... everytime you hand your credit card to the waiter/waitress at the restaurant, they can easily grab your details, and they even get your signature.
  11. Ha! Thanks man :)

    She'd have my balls for breakfast though. Actually....
  12. lol let me know via pm
  13. Its not meant to be more secure, just convenient. I'm also pretty sure there is only a 30 dollar limit per transaction.
  14. I think youre right there depending on the transaction type.
  15. Get more money... then you wont have balance issues :D !
  16. I am no fan of ta and go or auto purchase for under $35 which some store do. I still prefer pin 99% for transactions. it really does not take that much longer and is way more secure