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Issue with insurance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ksystemz, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Here is my problem.

    I have been ringing up different companys to renew my insurance.

    I have been quoted 2600 by one company, then another company offered me 1100.

    Huge diff there.

    Issue is that when i rang my company im insured with they asked me if i have any no claim bonuses with a different company, i said yes so they told me to ring them and get the information. when i rang my old insurer they said i have never taken up a policy with them. I remmeber paying the dealer when i brought my bike. So i was riding around with no insurance for a year thinking i was insured. What do i do now, i have rang my bank requesting a statement from the period i payed the bike dealer. the bike dealer thinks its the insurers fault and the insurers think its the bikeshops fault.

    I hope this makes sense.
  2. If you paid the salesman, then you must have paperwork to prove this. Go back to the source. Check you're paperwork, if you dont have it, there isa good chance the store would keep records of their sales. I would go back to the store find out if you did get insurance. if in fact you didnt, then you have a problem.

    I dont understand how insurance can cost that much. My sports car doesnt even cost that much to insure...wtf?
  3. Insured people get a piece of paper and generally some info (like a booklet) on the policy. If its a year long policy then it would be quite a noticeable chunk out of your bank balance - I'd get the bank to check over the phone so you don't waist time.
  4. My bank said they will contact me with the information as i do know i have paid a large payment to the bikeshop. i was lucky i didnt have a prang in that period!
  5. 22 year old riding an R6 in Sydney....I thought it sounded a bit cheap myself :p
  6. 1100 is cheap lol , it keeps getting lower everytime i rang another bike insurer, and my current one price matches~~ Its best to go through a bike dealer whilst getting insurance as they get it cheaper.
  7. Excelent bit of info to back that up there...
  8. :eek:

    Sorry guys i'm with ISCN, not to bag the guys where i bought my bike from, but all my wife did was make two phone calls and got my policy $120 cheaper than the an instore quote. . . :cool: [/b]
  9. ^+1 Agree w/ ISCN.

    The reason why I (and I suspect, most people) got insurance from the bike dealer last time was because I was THAT lazy. But I did ring around and a few other companies offered a few $$ less (not enough to deter my laziness :p).

    I have heard that Western QBE is pretty cheap (no experience myself tho).

    MG: You're unusually impatient? Where is your normal saint-like patience? :p
  10. Phase 1:

    Get refund from incompetent bastards.

    Phase 2:

    Like, shop around for insurance and stuff. I have mine with InsureMyRide; they were the cheapest.

  11. [​IMG]
  12. Cracking up at Caz v1, but agreeing with ISCN
  13. i have a insider with a person from qbe, what they say is too

    you ride less then 4000km per yr as they do not check the spedo,
    say your in a club

    while qbe custome service quoted me 1600, i rang a bikeshop who offered me 1100 lol with qbe soo kinda odd
  14. Very very odd it's cheaper instore than directly through the insurer.

    Something's gone tits up there mate, call QBE again.
  15. Sure they don't check the speedo... unless you write it off and it has to be assessed and the insurance company owns the wreck. Or if you hit a $100,000 beemer and they're looking for a reason to get out of the payout.

    The above is IMHO, IANAIS (I Am Not An Insurance Salesman) etc.
  16. are you serious, you're calling the bank to deal with this?
    The bank wont tell you didly squat. They will tell you how much money you piad. If there was a direct debit for 12 months, you would surley notice the funds coming out of the account. If this is the case, a recent statement, or netbanking (I dont know anyone who doesn't have net banking these days) will show your previous statements or something of the sort.

    Do you not keep any of your paperwork. Maybe im just an anal prick and Keep every piece of paper that has to do with my bike, car or house...but I thought people hang on to these things.

    Not meaning to flame you mate, but its really not that hard. You should have found out within an hour if you had insurance or not. Someones ass needs to be kicked if you didn't have insurance for the last 12 months. I'd say its the salesman first in line, then your ass for not checking the details.

    I didn't realize 22 year olds had to pay so much for insurance. It still makes no sense.
    On a 50k car it costs less than 1k to insure....so if i write it off they are 49k in the stink (exc the excess) but a bike worth no more than 12k it costs the same? wtf has happened to our country.
    I realize its risk vs age vs bike = higher risk + Sydney = higher risk x2 but for gods sake!
  17. oohsam: this was back 2 years ago, why i requested a statement from that period to prove i did pay. when i brought my new bike the cheapest option was qbe, so i payed 2k then. i dont pay by the month i pay annually
  18. Don't worry, be happy!

    Dear ISCN.
    How about a nice cup of tea and a good lie down, you seem to be a little tense.
  19. So wait, if I can get an extremely good deal on full comp on my ninja through the dealer (I'm talking, extremely affordable instead of the $2,000 I get quoted for else where), I shouldn't take it? Or I should?

    I would really love to get full comp if possible, and this way makes it possible.
  20. Yeah, bottom line is there's no substitute for shopping around, and no rule of thumb obviates that. As ISCN said above, a dealer may well be able to do you an insurance deal with the purchase of a new bike, just as s/he might be able to do you a deal on buying gear. A dealer is unlikely to be cheaper than direct access to the insurance company if you're insuring a bike you already own. And be aware that although prices do vary a lot there's also sometimes a 'get what you pay for' factor - a much cheaper policy is likely to cover less, so read the fine print. And yeah, *do not* fib when completing the forms - paying the premium is pointless if your actions invalidate the cover.