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Issue #4 of Scooter mag

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Rob_SA_Scoot, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. Hiya

    I picked up a copy of the 2 Wheels Scooter mag today... Issue #4. It's a good read and has some interesting links to clubs and lists near the back, as well as lots of ads for scoots. This issue leans towards maxi scooters more than 50cc beasties.

    Maybe someone at Netrider (is that .com.au or .org.au? 8) ) should email the publisher and tell them about Netrider's Scooter forum!
  2. do we have one ? :wink: :LOL:
    Its good to see actually , you may cop a bit of flack from the bigger bikes but there seems to be a little gathering starting to happen with scooters and groups , hanging out for coffee etc .
    drop them a line yourself rob and wave the flag for netrider . what ever .au and you might get something going .
  3. Done.

    I emailed "The Netrider.com.au website has a good forum with a scooter section. It's under-utilised at the moment but maybe if you can help out by adding a link in the next issue people will be able to find it. Thanks for that Jeremy!"

    We'll look out for a mention in the next issue (June I think).
  4. I saw 3 copies of this at the Kew newsagency (175 High Street Kew map) on the weekend if anyone is still interested in picking one up.
  5. Hi Rob, whats the URL or email address of this magazine? Thx
  6. I must admit that the popularity of scooters hit home to me yesterday. I had to walk up and down the length of Collins st to get to a few meetings and I estimate that 60-70% of the footpath parkers were scooters. Where I work, there are usually 3 bikes and 6 scooters parked. The bikes almost looked out of place (but I wouldn't trade). In the on street bike parking bays the majority parked there were bikes.

    Maybe its time for us bikers to organise a "reclaim the footpath" protest or day :D
  7. Its a Two Wheels special edition, so contacting those guys would be the go. Can't seem to find anything on the website specific to the Scooter mag other than this:

  8. ashes - we are ALL brothers and sisters on two wheels no protests to 'reclaim' footpaths needed... but if you wanna get together for a coffee there is always friday nights when the occasional scooter rocks up... meet and talk to us and you may find your problems are our problems too...

    hehehe and for the record I may not be quite as fast but manage to keep myself respectable when out riding with my bigger brothers and sisters!!
  9. Actually I don't think that scooter riders are our 'brothers' or 'sisters' I'm yet to have a scooter rider give or return a nod or wave. Perhaps they are too busy trying to coax 60km/h out of thier 50cc engines to acknowledge any kind of brotherhood. Waving or nodding might not be the sole expression of motorcycling brotherhood but its definately the easiest and most visible.

    Having said that I'm sure you guys run into the same every day problems as we do.
  10. hell yeah... do you know how many motorbikes will sit next to me at traffic lights and pretend I'm not even sitting there. Sometimes it's hard to nod or wave when your worrying about what that moron in the can is gonna do next.. but I always try.


    On that note... I know that quite a few of the scooter riders I've spoken to try to wave/nod at riders of any type I also have tried to be friendly to other scooters pulled up and had no response... go figure...
  11. bahhhhh, don't paint us all with the same brush, i nod to everyone on 2 wheels with an engine, and generally i get the nod back. as for trying to squeeze 60kph out of the 50cc i must admit you're right there :( :p
  12. I've got the nod from scooter riders and been ignored by bikers (especially while commuting - what's wrong with some people?).
  13. The email address for the editor (Jeremy Bowdler) of the Scooter mag is jbowdler@fpc.com.au

    Re the nods: Being a gregarious newbie and having read the forums I started off by nodding to everyone. Most bike riders ignore you. 50% of scooter riders ignore you. The only bike rider who ever nodded back or spoke to me was a big mean looking dude on a Harley (complete with the "If you can read this the biatch has fallen off" t-shirt... I kid you not!) who nodded and said g'day. Several scooterists have said g'day, especially at bike ranks. None of the bike riders at the ranks have. (I do wonder if the guy on the Goldwing who left his gloves on his seat realised it was a scooterist who tucked them up into his helmet for him so they wouldn't get nicked?) I'll keep nodding... seems the friendly thing to do.
  14. yeah i know what you mean gromit - ive had nods from scooters yet none from quite a few bikes, some people just take themselves too seriously... fortunately for me thats fairly hard to do while trying to coax not much more than 60km/h out of my 175cc of raging, unrestrained power... so im with the scooters, ill nod at almost anything on two wheels.
  15. Would that be the near Kew or the far one? :p :LOL: :wink:
  16. Hi again

    I picked up issue number 5 at the newsagent today. This edition has a lot of Vespa info, but then again there were a lot of Vespa ads so you can't blame the publisher for supporting an advertiser. There's plenty of general info and reviews too, so it's generally a good read.

    I'm in print in the Letters section, complete with my plug for Netrider!
  17. i will definitely keep an eye out for this!
  18. do they have an online version of the mag?

    Or better still do you have a scanner?
  19. I dont have a scanner bit i bought the mag today. Only $6.95- and has alot of good info in there!
  20. A pity you have found this, because I find it's a pretty even split as a scooter rider with those motorbioke riders who'll return my nod/wave. Seems some like to ignore us, but then there's the few who make up for it with a friendly nod, so it all comes out even I guess.

    I'm often doing a hills ride or some such on these lovely Adelaide spring days and I'm certainly not having any problems coaxing my 200cc scoot to get past 60... actually I have a problem staying within the speeds limits :)