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Iso grip help urgent

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by kingy, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. hay guys

    installed my grips with the glue that was included in the packet... which were installed on wed last week.. went for a ride today and both grips are coming off... any ideas on other glues or things i can use... need to sort it out asap going away on trip soon..
  2. Drop into Repco or similar and see if they have any aerosol contact adhesive.
    Not used it for handlebar grips but I've used the 3M brand stuff to redo the interior of my car in leather and it certainly holds damn well once it's set. You'll need to move quick though, as it does tend to go tacky quite quickly.

    Alternative would be to look for a chloropene based adhesive such as "Tarzan's grip" in the supermarket. These tend to work pretty well for bonding rubber to steel.
  3. I use hairspray, lots of it, and give it a good 8 hrs or so to set before using them.

    Works on almost any rubber grip, bicycles included.

  4. i used silastic coz it's all i had lying round the shed, haven't had any problems
  5. cheers guys i did the hairspray idea 2 min ago.. i will check them out in the morning...
  6. Best thing is double sided tape. I have never had a grip come loose.
    Use a good one like 3M and worries. Use some good masking tape on the bar first. Then the double sided. Put a bit of kero or petrol in the grip to moisten it and slide it on. Make sure its all strait and there ya go. You have about three minutes before it sets and wont budge.
    I usually have to cut my old grips off. So it does work and keep working.
  7. Hairspray. Goes on slippery and assists sliding the grip on. Dries qucikly to a not slipping finish. When the grip is old and worn and you want it off just give a bit of heat and it melt and comes slippery again and the old grip comes off.
  8. Doesn't moisture make the hair spray slippery again ??? Or if you leave the bikein the sun. And look at what it did to Burt Newtons head lol
  9. my oxford heated grips came with a tube of superglue.
  10. Most heated grips come with super glue. I have know a few people who used it and it failed (not saying every use will fail.) Stupid as hair spray sounds, I have never heard of it failing and quite a few have used it including me.

  11. well hairspray just failed for me fuk it....

    so i wraped the bars in electrical tape and used tarzan grip glue super strength i am hoping this holds
  12. good luck dude but i'm pretty sure the electrical tape will only last a week or so
  13. well to put the grips on dry not even glue they seemed to go on quite easy compared to other grips i have installed in the past... so i wrapped them and it was alot harder to get them on.. so fingers crossed the tape took out that little extra gap......
  14. Hairspray in my experience doesn't work in the long row.

    Insider tip, use unleaded! keeps them wet to fit them on, and when there on it dries and corrodes the rubber enough to stick them, realllly well!

    Did this to the old 600 and it worked a treat!
  15. yeh hairspray lasted 1 day for me... i have been searching the web and heard nothing but problems with the stock glue that ISO supply..........
  16. There is absolutely no way I could have used electrical tape. The grips were a very tight fit and needed the slip from the wet glue/hair spray to get them on.

    Sounds to me like this is your problem. If there is a gap then even if it fills with glue eventually the bond breaks. Hopefully the electrical tape will work
  17. something tells me that i have got yamaha bars on my honda....

    because my mirror mounts are one LH thread and one is RH thread... where in honda both should be RH thread... and the yammie bars use a different ISO grip.... mmmmmmmm fingers cross the tape works
  18. Thankyou again Brett, for the wealth of knowledge! I didn't have any masking tape, but I followed the rest of your advice...Cheers!!