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Isn't she perty

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Kargo, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. So after much debate I've decided to get a 09 ZX6R monster edition for my first supersports bike. I was originally planning on getting a 2013 cbr600rr but unfortunately they didn't make any major improvements to the older models. Though I will say, I've always had a thing for the repsol scheme.

    So without any further ado here is a pic of my new baby. Isn't she perty :)

    She came with akropovic exhaust, pazzo leavers and black windscreen (not sure if that's stock).

    I've ordered some oggy knobbs (can't believe how expensive they were) and plan on getting a rear seat cowl some time down the track. Hum... I may even change the yellow number plate to a green one, get braided lines and possibly halo lights :p

    I'll have to take it to a kwaka dealer tomorrow to get the voltage regulator/rectifier (?) replaced as part of a factory recall. Have a letter about it in my jacket pocket somewhere.

    Anyway, just thought I'd share.

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  2. Looking good. Congrats. Dunno if I'd say "perty" but a great looking bike.
  3. Noice!!!

    Should be 3 to 4 times the power to weight ratio of your hyo - enjoy that.

    Much fun to be had.
  4. congrats! and you're right she is very pretty! I'm especially digging the green seat

    keep us updated on what you think of it the more you ride it, was really keen on one of these or a zx10r for my first supersport
  5. I don't know about pretty, I'd say "Menacing" :ROFLMAO:

    Congrats anyway, and enjoy!
  6. What exactly were you expecting them to improve on exactly?? The 600rr from 07 onwards is one of the best handling and performing supersports ever built! You then go and buy an 09 Kwaka lol.

    Nice looking bike though.
  7. Kwaka for life :p...................he made the right choice.
  8. Just in terms of the little goodies like showa forks, slipper clutch, lap timer, gear indicator etc.... Actually they added the showa forks to the new model but still missing he other bits and bobs. Plus the a 2013 model would have cost me an additional $5-6k or there abouts.

    The 07 is a nice bike but I like the kwaka better :)

    Edit: Also, the integrated indicators at the front of the bike are awesome lol

  9. Hahahah yeah I suppose perty isn't really the right word, she`s quite the beast.

    Any suggestions for names?

    P.s. thanks for all the complements :cool:
  10. Nice bike dude, congratulations! wanna drag? :D

    As for the name, it's already got one, it's called ninja!
  11. 09+ are bloody brilliant, Kwaka did good. Grats on the purchase, I'm sure you will enjoy it! Don't forget to get some help dialling in those shockies as it will make your ride so much more confident.
  12. congrats on the buy. mean looking beast, enjoy the ride...
  13. My bike is, for lack of better words, fcuking awesome!!!

    Finally got a chance to give it a test on the old pacific. Everything about it feels so smooooth. The suspension is awesome and the bike feels so stable through the corners. Can't wait to try it at the track.

    Rant over :D
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