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Isn't it nice.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lil, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. I saw my dad this morning and went in his car to the city (him driving). It was nice to see him almost unconciously move a little to let the bikes through. Also nice to have a chat to him about bikes and how good he thinks it is that bikes have "everything on one side of the rear wheel and nothing on the other side" (i.e. single-sided swingarms).

    The nurse who looks after him with his treatment noticed my boots and we started talking about bikes as her other half rides. That's when dad admitted that he worries about me on "that bike which is far to big for her" :roll: :LOL: Its the first time he's ever said that....at least he doesn't hassle me about the dangers, etc.

    Love you dad!

  2. Yeah, I love my Dad too Lil. There's nothing he (and Mum) wouldn't do for me...or me for them too :grin:
  3. My Dad tells me "Just be careful."

    ... but he did stitch me up for free AND help me lift the bike in the ute when I had my stack anyway, so I figure he's pretty cool - and he's a better cook than mum.
  4. yeah that was one of the hardest things i had to do when i was getting a bike. telling the parents. they handled it pretty good said they wernt happy but i was old enuff to do wat i wanted. and i shuld always be carelfu..

    my mates mum on the other hand didnt take the news so well when he told her he had got a bike. she piked up his $700 helmet and threw it down the driveway.
  5. My dad will do anything for me, and he's also this close to getting his own bike and licence. :)
  6. Ouch, the missus is supportive, insists on a full face helmet and full gear, (no riding in shorts) which is fare enough. She says its because I don't have a bum big enough to graft skin from if I come off.

    Parents are still getting used to the idea, helps that I'm in a different state so they don't see me rolling around the streets.
  7. Wow... wish I could tell my mum to buy me a new helmet.
  8. My mum was never too keen on the whole bike thing. Even when i started on the scooter a couple years ago she was worried.

    Then the other day i was round at hers and when i was leaving she says "i'm comming out to see you take off." That night she rang up and said it looked like fun and would be really nice riding down the coast in summer. But then she also said i looked like a dork and i should get a bigger bike so i dont have to hunch over so much. WOO HOO - bigger bike here we come. Mind you the Hyo is pretty big, so maybe its not the bike but just me that looks strange :)
  9. My parents always hated motorcycles, ever since I started at the age of 10. Could not stand them.

    Mum would always cry when I would ride at the track.

    Dad, he would sit around in the hot and cold weather being my pit crew for years on end. He would pick me up, stitch me up, bandage me up and then take me home.

    I have had manhy crashes in my time, broken many bones.. Dad was always strong and understood the desire and need to do the things I did. After my major crash, I went back the dirtbikes and enduro's competitions. I was off of street bikes for about 4 years and then got back into them. Never told mum and dad.......

    I guess what I am getting at is many people dont understand the pain and suffering parents go through. They rarely show it and pass it of as a "be careful and have fun" type of comment. Love your parents today, not tomorrow.......
  10. I think my dad didn't even know I started riding.. :LOL:
    Well thirty plus and I should be on my own now..
  11. Hmmm my mum just laughed when I told her I wanted a bike. It was only when she realised I was serious that she flipped. Just said I'm not allowed. Tried to explain that I just had a burning passion to do it and wouldn't change my mind, I'll be the safest I can be etc. but no help. When I was about to buy my bike she said I could have her new mazda 6 (30K) and she'd have my old car if I just wouldn't get a bike. I wouldn't do that obviously, besides even if I could be that much of an ass, I wouldn't because I'd prefer to spend 6K on bike and gear than get a free new car.

    My dad used to ride, his only prob was that he couldn't support me too much as mum was so against it. But I've had it for a week and they're both kind of fine about it now. My advice to anyone contemplating getting a bike but who's parents are completely against (I'm talking about us youngsters, as the older don't need 'permission'), if you want it bad enough, push the limits a bit; as long as you're not causing any serious damage, the shortterm consequence is totally worth it.
  12. awwww, isnt it nice to know your dad cares :)
  13. I went and got my bike license before telling my parents, as I didn't want them telling me not too. I thought my mum was going to have an anxiety attack when I told her, my Dad on the other hand whom I thought would also flip 'Yeah, I'm was thinking the other day it'd be nice to get a bonneville' My Dad use to ride something like 20something years ago, but he is now looking a buying a Bonneville which I'm pretty stoked about.
  14. My dad told me not to ride when I was suffering a severe headache (from a flu) on Monday. Any excuse is a good for them. Hopefully they'll accept my decision to ride one day.
  15. I was copping it from my grandma the other day. She'd sent me $30 for my birthday to help out with petrol for the car. She didn't realise I'd bought another bike until I told her how it will actually take me more than twice as far on the bike! Oops.

    "...fair enough, Grandma. Bye!"
  16. My father rode bikes, and my son rides bikes ...... my old man still worries about me, and I still worry about my son ...... it's a dad thing :grin:

    p.s. I ride to work and every morning when I leave my wife gives me the same message ...... I love you, have a good day and ride safe .. I guess it's a woman thing too :grin:
  17. I guess she was pissed off he was wearing proper safety gear and wanted to make it useless in the event of an accident.