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Isn't it always the way?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by typhoon, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. Got my L's last Monday so I rode the bike home from work( is it always scary going 80km/h when you are a new rider..well, not scary, but lots of concentration?) where I had been storing it. Tuesday looks like rain, so being a complete novice, leave bike at home. During the week my shoulder/upper back/ elbow repetitive strain injury starts to flare up, and by the weekend I am flat out holding my head up.
    So, now I have a registered bike and a licence to ride it, but have done like 15km in a week!
    Such is life!

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. jeebuz, my first week was more like 1500kms :LOL:

    stop being a blouse and get out there and enjoy being a rider. i'm sure you didn't get a z650 to save money on fuel, go and enjoy yourself :wink:
  3. I remember my first ride... only a few years ago... from brighton Yamaha [no longer there] to home.

    They had a brilliant low k's GPX250... I got the train over from Altona... walked to the bike shop, paids me money... then rode it all the way back through peak hour brighton road, westgate bridge and west gate freeway traffic, in the dusk... and in highish winds... YIIIIIKKKEEESSS!!!!!

    What a thrill ride.

    I was sooooo stiff for days from the clenching of muscles....

    Now it's a whole other story! Did a 400km ride on the weekend... almost fell asleep! :D

    Welcome to the club ty.

    Get in as many k's as you can. Get in as many skills courses as you can afford. And get on top of your roadcraft. ANd don't avoid the wet everytime... it's part of the initiation!! [BTW, practice your emergency braking drills in the wet from time to time... it'll save your life.]


  4. Yeah, you misunderstood. I get this RSI occasionally from work. It basically feels like someone stabbing me between the shoulder blades on one side when I turn my head or lift my arm and an aching shoulder, lots of fun on a bike, trying to turn head and control throttle/brake smoothly! One has to know one's limitations....it's not an excuse, it is physically limiting.
    Anyway, rode to and from work today, the shoulder is nice now, and I can turn my head to teh right and actually see people! You see, up here, every second car is a barely registered chunk driven by an idiot, so self preservation is a big thing, even in a car.
    Was a nice ride, am over the whole going faster than 60 km/h thing, that was obviously a confidence thing, and am much happier on corners already.
    I'm sure once I have a few more kays logged up, I'll love the twisty 25km ride to work. One of the reasons I want more time on bike before travelling this road in the wet is that it is a nasty road. Wel, not so much the road, but the other tools on it. Every time it rains, there is always someone off in the bushes on the WRONG side of the road.... I enjoy driving my car in the wet, just need to get used to being smooth on corners first. I'm going for a nice long ride this weekend early in teh mornign, so I can concentrate on the bike and less on other road users.

    Regards, Andrew.