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Isle of Mann footage question

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by purdyboy, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. (Not the crash scenes)
    Some time ago there was some IOM footage going around the net.
    It showed Dave Jeffries (i think) and a few others competing, along with fairly heavy backing music (with lyrics like "somebody's gonna die"). There were a couple of on board shots too in this clip.
    The clip isn't long and stops abruptly.

    Does anyone know where I can get the rest of the clip or which DVD the footage came from. I'd love more on-board footage from the late Dave Jeffries etc.

    I have the 2000(?) IOM film, Dunlops last one, but it was wet that year so not the best.

    Thanks for your help

    Sorry if this is a repost. I did look but couldn't find others.
  2. I have the 2004 TT dvd, it has a full onboard lap of the circuit with Richard Dunlop, sweet as with data logging on screen also. I bought this one because it was the last year of the 400cc/125cc races, but it also has good extras like above.

    Not sure about the DJ footage, I suspect that it would be the 2002 or 2003 dvd. Fleabay usually has plenty up for grabs.
  3. Thanks for info mate.
  4. Isle of Mann

  5. MG doesn't Isle of Man footage sound strange with an American accent in commentary?

    I thought initially the guy crashed because he was trying to clean his visor from the bug spatter, but when you see the camera-gun stuff it obviously was the brush with the wall. I'm still at a loss to know why he took both hands off the bars and put them up to his face, though?? :?
  6. I had the same question. He like has both his hands up chest/shoulder height.

    May the force of bars moving from the hit has taken hands off?
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