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N/A | National Isle Of Man TT

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Ljiljan, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. If anyone missed the race, here it is (superbike only).


    I swear guy martin doesn't blink

  2. unlike the three riders who have been killed there so far this week, and who now can no longer do anything :(.
  3. Sorry if the comment was insensitive, I didn't even realise the TT had been run until it was mentioned in another commentary.

    It's an interesting reality those racers live in. I wonder if they go there mentally prepared to die that week.
  4. no, mate, I wasn't commenting on your comment at all, just generally that despite what derring-do the winners show, it's a desperately dangerous place that punishes mistakes with the ultimate price......
  5. for the sake of permanency, I've changed the link.
  6. Amen.

    Which is a major part of its appeal, to both the competitors and the spectators.
  7. Good one Lilley, thanks.
  8. Call me retarded but what do i need to play these files?
  9. My fave player on windoze is VLC (www.videolan.org) as it usually plays everything and doesn't need specific codecs.

    Thanks heaps for the link Lilley!
  10. they need to be unzipped. Any packaging program should do it. I had to split the file into 200mb parts
  11. I get "Archive corrupt" in both 7zip and WinRAR, bahh......
  12. try downloading them again. If anyone else has the same problem I'll re-up it.
  13. Megaupload has the file extension mp4 which i can see working, on the other link it doesn't seem to have an extension.

    If you can be arsed, a re-upload would be awesome. I've tried 7-zip to no avail.
  14. There are file extensions, it's .7z and then followed by file number.

    Both are the same file, I just had to split it to get it on mediafire. Might as well just get from megaupload in the meantime while I put it up again.
  15. Thank you very much for posting this, im downloading the files now and very much looking forward to watching the race :D

    Thanks again Lilley :)
  16. If you're downloading the ones from mediafire, can you let me know if they work.

  17. Does not seem to have, should they be Zip files or what? My Pc is not recognizing them :(