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Isle of Man TT - TV coverage/Highlights?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by I am the Stig..., Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Isle of Man TT 2009 has kicked off :grin: and just flicking through Foxtel to see if there is any coverage... and found nix. All I can find through a quick google search is that ITV have 50hrs of programming in the UK, but nothing in Oz.

    Anybody know where/when it's on? Hopefully it won't involve having to suffer 50mins of V8 "superdoooopercars" to get 2mins of motorcycling :roll: . Otherwise I'll wait for youtube/Transworld sport.
  2. I think that you'll be waiting for a little while
  3. Once the racing starts next week you might get the ITV programs on 'Torrent' files, I have found them here for the last 2 years.
    If I find them this year I will put up a link.

    BTW go Cameron Donald!!
  4. Please do mate.
  5. One HD is doing a high light package of the TT.

    The first one was on last night and covered the track and the leading riders including Cam McDonald.

    The next episodes are on:
    Tuesday 10.00PM
    Thursday 2.45PM
    Sunday 8.30PM

    Great to see some consistency in the time table...
  6. Bugger, they're replaying what they showed Sunday night...
  7. It was pretty boring too.
  8. ...makes me jizz in my pants. But last time i checked, folks needed an invite code if they wanted to check it out. When i get some I'll post them up.
  9. It's on One, but so far I haven't seen any RACING!

    Perhaps this week...
  10. the onboard footage they showed of the track was insanely good. Now for the racing! I love OneHD.
  11. Agree, that onboard footage was unreal. Every time the front wheel lifts off the ground is unreal!!!

    Hopefully they stop showing the same hour show and actually show some of the racing.... Then ill Love OneHD more!!!!
  12. Hopefully it will happen soon.
  13. Coverage f the racing starts this Sunday 8.30PM :cool:
  14. :shock: I just counted the number of dead bugs on the front of Steve Plater's bike :shock:

    If you aren't already spoiled by Foxtel, go out and buy a hi-def box/TV and be prepared to be gob-smacked!!!
  15. Just watched it Paul. Gotta love a true HD broadcast. Thanks to SC for getting over their issues.
  16. Was unreal wasnt it??? Great onboard footage and nice to see more racing and less talking!!!
    Cant wait for more now....
  17. And did you just see Ian Wiltshire on the Aus SBK show?
  18. Why don't you blokes tell us what you are talking about.